A Wright Doxology

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I look forward to our Clergy Day in November with Bishop Tom Wright, an Anglican and one of the most renowned New Testament scholars of our time. I have been reading his 'The Day The Revolution Began' and do not want to preempt the conversation over it that will take place.

So let me limit myself to one comment which is congenial to our own liturgical tradition.  Pathology asks the question of health - sin makes us wonder what we are really for. And the majestic framework of the Biblical narrative answers: we are made to worship God. It is built into the creation story. Stewardship implies our role of giving voice to the doxology, the praise of all the cosmos. We are enthralled to forces that require false worship, which is offered in all kinds of personal and political ways. Of course the true and fully worthy worship was offered by Jesus with his whole life and death, and vindicated and opened to us by his resurrection.

In this light what we do Sunday morning is far more than having a certain kind of experience (though we do) or creating group cohesion (though we had better). It is offering our 'bounden duty and service' which is a 'sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving' not just as individuals and parishes but as the ecclesia of God universal and 'for the life of the world.'  The practical calls out for this, the expansive, the mystical, all of it happened in that service of which we are so accustomed.




Visita del Obispo Quezada a Dallas

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El fin de semana pasado tuvimos la agradable visita del Obispo Moisés Quezada, Obispo coadjutor de la Diócesis de Republica Dominicana. El Obispo Quezada y su esposa Jeannette visitaron Dallas gracias a una invitación del Obispo Sumner.

El programa consistió en un día de formación para los clérigos, y un día estupendo de formación para laicos y líderes de las comunidades Latinas de nuestra Diócesis que se llevo a cabo en la Iglesia San Francisco de Dallas.

El Obispo Quezada tuvo la oportunidad de acompañar la junta mensual de parejas de la Iglesia Cristo, y el Domingo visito, celebro, y enseño en la Iglesia Santa María en Irving. 

Bishop Quezada visit to Dallas, October 21-23

Last weekend we had the pleasant visit of Bishop Moses Quezada, coadjutor bishop of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic. Bishop Quezada and his wife Jeannette visited Dallas thanks to an invitation from Bishop Sumner.

The program consisted of a training day for clergy, and a great training day for lay leaders of the Latino communities of our Diocese that was held at the Church of San Francisco de Asis in Dallas.

Bishop Quezada also had the opportunity to accompany the monthly meeting of couples of Christ Church, and Sunday he visit, celebrate and taught at St. Mary's Church in Irving.

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