1. Reconcile Dallas Worship Service

    Reconcile Dallas Worship Service

    Uniting in Peace and Love

  2. An Evening with the Bishop

    An Evening with the Bishop

    The Heart of the Diocese

  3. Word From the Bishop

    Word From the Bishop


  4. Episcopal Church Foundation

    Episcopal Church Foundation

    Workshop on Planned Giving for Parish Leaders

  5. Colloquium of the Prayer Book Society

    Colloquium of the Prayer Book Society

    Meets 10 a.m., to 4 p.m., October 20, at Incarnation

  6. Bring Gift Cards to Convention

    Bring Gift Cards to Convention

    To buy Thanksgiving turkeys and hams for the needy

  7. EDOD Disaster Relief

    EDOD Disaster Relief

    Donate Funds or Sign Up for Deployment

  8. Reconcile Dallas

    Reconcile Dallas

    Wash Feet of Children, Give them New Shoes

  9. Diary of a Theologian

    Diary of a Theologian

    Every Stone Shall Cry

  10. Parish helping Parish

    Parish helping Parish

    St. Mary's Helps St. Mark's /San Marcos

  11. EDOD Convention: Worship God

    EDOD Convention: Worship God

    Saturday, November 4, 2017

  12. Need Christian Formation Materials?

    Need Christian Formation Materials?

    Check out Diocese Resource Center's Online Catalogue

  13. Photo Slideshow

    Photo Slideshow

    The Consecration and Enthronement

Oct 21 2017 07:50am

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