Evangelism Commission: 
Canon Carrie Boren Headington, Missioner for Evangelism, Holy Cross - Dallas
Kenneth Lawrence, St. James - Dallas
Jacqueline Hill, Incarnation
Michael McGrew, Good Shepherd, Terrell
Evangelism Initiative

Before Jesus ascended into Heaven, He gave His followers a final charge, to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” (Mark 16:15) Our baptismal covenant asks, “Will you proclaim in word and example the good news of God in Christ?” We respond, “We will with God’s help.” 

God has strategically placed parishes throughout the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas in neighbors, cities, towns, and communities to share the amazing news that God is real, God is alive, and God is longing to be in relationship with all. His unconditional love, total forgiveness, grace and peace are available to everyone. 

Archbishop William Temple said, “The church is the only institution on earth that exists for the benefit of its nonmembers.” Congregations throughout the diocese are actively sharing the Gospel in word and deed. In order to support your efforts, our bishops have established the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas Evangelism Initiative. Our charge is to equip, resource, and encourage you in any way we can to reach people who do not know the Lord or do not have a church home.

The Diocesan Evangelism Initiative is here to be a resource for you and to come alongside you in your efforts to share this life transforming Gospel.   

The Episcopal Diocese of Dallas Evangelism Initiative

Sharing our faith workshop.


Come get equipped in how to:

Share your faith in your everyday life

Begin conversations about faith

Share the Gospel story and our own faith story

The best way to reach those beyond our church walls is to equip our members to be ambassadors for Christ. Close to 90% of people visit a church and come to faith through a friend or family member. This workshop provides ways to share our faith in our everyday lives. 

Engaging the questions workshop: 

How can I begin to answer questions my friends are asking? Is God real? Does God care? If God is good, why is there is much suffering? Who was Jesus really? Don’t all paths lead to God? Does Christianity make a difference? Can I trust the Bible? How do I pray? Can I connect with God? How?

This workshop provides tools for answering the top questions people ask about the Christian faith in an accessible, conversational manner.

Mission Vision Workshop:

Want to reach out to your community but not sure where to start?

Want to bring new members but not sure how?

Want to develop an intentional outreach/evangelism plan for your parish?

 God has a specific call and purpose for your parish. This is a visioning day to work together to hear from God and put a plan into action. This workshop develops an intentional plan for congregations to reach out to your community to share the Gospel in word and deed. 

Missioner for Evangelism Carrie Headington and others from the Evangelism Leadership Network are available to preach and speak at your Sunday services, outreach events, adult education, retreats and seeker series.
Carrie and her leadership team are available to meet with the parish leadership to explore together how we can best reach-out to our surrounding communities with the good news of Jesus Christ.

The Evangelism Commission provides up-to-date resources for parishes to engage seekers and those who do not have a church home. Some of the resources include: Explore God, The Alpha Course, Christianity Explored, Salt Shaker Seeker Bible Studies, 10:2 Strategies and many more…


The Evangelism Leadership Network is a network of clergy and lay leaders in the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas who are dedicated to being further equipped for evangelism and outreach. These individuals serve as evangelism leaders in their respective parishes.

Members do not need to be experts in evangelism - all they need is an interest in evangelism, church growth, and a desire to move their congregations to engage in mission. This network meets periodically and share ideas for growth and outreach.