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The Gathering

The Gathering was founded with the mission of creating a spiritual home for those in the Dallas area who are homeless or have insecure housing. Simply put, a church whose purpose and reality is a ministry to, with, and for the homeless community that is always amongst us but seldom seen. 

Endorsed and supported by the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, what began in December 2012 with five parishioners has grown to an average of 80 people attending Mass and lunch each week. 

Thanks to assistance from other parishes and organization within the diocese who help by providing weekly lunches, personal hygiene items and financial assistance, The Gathering is able to offer encouragement and a respite from the daily struggles of living on the street. 

The Gathering is a community of presence and made up of individuals looking for spiritual companionship and connection that give meaning to our lives. We welcome everyone -- the homeless and the affluent, the addicted and those in recovery, the churched and the unchurched, the spiritual but not religious, the believer, the doubter and the seeker. 

It is hope that is found in the message of Jesus Christ, and many are finding encouragement, purpose and strength at The Gathering. We meet people at their point of need, and attempt to love and serve each one of them. And, in doing so, preach a powerful Gospel message. 

Services are scheduled for 1 p.m. at Thank-Giving Square at 1627 Pacific, between Akard and Ervay streets in downtown Dallas.


Jubilee Park

Jubilee Park neighborhood is a 62-block area in southeast Dallas bounded by I-30, Fair Park, and East Grand. The relationship between Jubilee and Saint Michael and All Angels started in 1997 when the church was celebrating its 50th anniversary and, "rather than add another statue," Saint Michael decided to mark the milestone in a different way. It wanted to focus on a community in Dallas and center on children's needs.
More than 15 years later, the results include two early childhood education centers, an afterschool program, an adult education program, as well as improvements in public safety and public health. The most compelling result, however, is that what was once an otherwise neglected, forgotten area has become a thriving neighborhood.

The partnership with the Dallas Police Department and new substation, along with security cameras and community outreach has reduced crime by 64% since 2007.

The David's Place Head Start school prepares over 170 children ages 3-5 for Kindergarten each year.

The new Early Head Start school, Jeanie's Place, will provide education and resources for expectant mothers and 48 infants and toddlers.

Over 70 annual tutors helped O.M. Roberts Elementary climb from one of the lowest performing schools in DISD in 2002 to "Exemplary" in 2009.

The number of children in the after school program has grown from 60 students to a capacity of 155, with a waiting list.

The children's summer camp program serves 360 children with fun, engaging activities to prevent summer learning loss.

Jubilee ensures 155 children go to bed with full tummies Monday-Thursday and each week 140 students receive "Food4Kids" weekend snacks to combat hunger.

Jubilee works with the North Texas Food Bank to provide twice weekly lunches and monthly groceries to over 80 low income seniors.

New affordable housing for neighborhood seniors opened in 2012.  Now 24 seniors have a safe and affordable place to call home.

Since 1997, 38 houses have either been built or renovated to help clean up the neighborhood and inspire residents' pride.

Jubilee was designated a "Jubilee Ministry" by the National Episcopal Church in 2009.

Over 800 volunteers donated more than 30,000 hours to Jubilee's efforts in 2012.

And most importantly, Jubilee gives children and families a safe welcoming place to call home. Jubilee!


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