Mission and Outreach: The Extra Mile

The foolishness began last June with two priests, their bicycles and 500 miles across the great state of Kansas. With many great memories and a sizeable scar it is time to, once again, Go The Extra Mile!

This year the Rev. Sandy Herrmann, from St. David's of Wales in Denton, and the Rev. Craig Reed, of Holy Cross in Paris, will embark on a trek along the Wisconsin River. The 422-mile adventure will begin June 19, at Eagle River about 50 miles south of Lake Superior. Over the next seven days the priests will ride 50-70 miles a day and spend the nights in small towns of rural Wisconsin. The event will end at Prairie-du-Chien in the southwest corner of the state. They will ride with about 700 others on this adventure. The cyclists will be taking in enough breathtaking scenery, bratwurst, beer and pie to make it a most memorable week.

You can join in this folly. The priests are asking for pledges (either per mile or a set amount) to The Cathedral’s Bishop’s Camp. Herrmann and Reed will provide the registration, transportation, bikes and legs to the cause. They will be posting to Facebook daily to keep everyone informed and involved. Yes, this is a fun time, but it is also a unique way to add meaning to the hours spent sitting on a bike. So support two of our clergy members by pledging and then following along at The Extra Mile on Facebook

Please make checks payable to: St. Matthew’s Cathedral Bishop's Camp

Memo: The Extra Mile

You can mail checks at any time to: St. Matthew’s Cathedral

5100 Ross Ave.
Dallas, Texas 75206

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