Training Requirements

    09.09.17 | Lay Orders

    Review the Chart illustrating the coursework required for diplomas in Lay Evangelism, Lay Catechists and the Diaconate. 


      09.09.17 | Ordained

      HOW DO I KNOW WHAT GOD WANTS ME TO DO? WHAT IS GOD’S WILL FOR MY LIFE? WHERE DO I FIT IN THE LIFE OF THE CHURCH? It seems few people sit down long enough to ponder the big questions; even fewer have the courage and presence of mind to seek...

        The Teacher

        09.09.17 | by The Rev. Canon Victor Austin

        Before he let me go to seminary, my bishop (this is of course way back in the dark ages) wanted me to spend time in the “real world.” I managed to become a junior high math teacher on an Indian reservation, one of the Pueblo tribes...

          Lay Ministry in Your Parish


          The energy and knowledge to get things done in the Church comes largely from lay leaders -- after all, there are more laity than clergy. And when we are committed to growing the kingdom of God, we can help transform the world by feeding the...

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