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    The Case for Christ: The Movie

    09.14.17 | by Canon J. John

    Some years after becoming a Christian, Lee Strobel wrote a book, The Case for Christ, based on his long search for the truth about Jesus. The book has become something of an evangelistic classic, sold millions and been widely translated. It has...

      The Sound of Silence

      08.09.17 | by Canon J. John

      It’s Martin Scorsese’s Silence came to the big screen in December last year and has now come out on DVD. For a film entitled Silence it asks a lot of questions. The film is based on an acclaimed work of historical fiction by the...

        Endangered Virtues and Elections

        06.01.17 | by Canon J. John

        One of the perils of being someone who speaks on Christianity is that I get asked to pronounce on politics. Given that the more problematic the election the more frequently I’m asked who to vote for, I find myself currently under a lot of...