"Broken" By Ryan Casey Waller


"Broken" By Ryan Casey Waller

    Ryan Casey Waller is a preacher and teacher, a father, and a (recovering) lawyer. Waller is passionate about expressing the Christian faith in accessible ways, both recalling the richness of tradition and history and celebrating authenticity and connection in a post-modern age. He lives in Dallas with his wife and their two children.

    Before Jesus broke the bread, he blessed it.

    In the age of social media, where our lives are curated to show only our best and most beautiful selves, it is easy to believe we are the only ones who are broken. But we are not alone. We are all broken and in need of God’s blessing. No one has it all together; no person is perfect.

    In his new book "Broken" author Ryan Casey Waller urges us to join him in pouring out our brokenness, not just to God but to each other. Waller takes us through the trials of following Jesus during seasons of doubt and disbelief, anger, shame, and even hate, but always brings us back to the amazing news that Jesus blessed the bread before he broke it. Through Jesus, our brokenness is blessed, our wounds healed, and our hearts made whole.