Cursillo Revamped

01.11.18 | Homepage

Cursillo Revamped

    In the vein of what’s old is new again, the Christian formation program Cursillo, credited with transforming thousands of Christians worldwide, has gone through its own transformation in the Dallas diocese.

    Cursillo was created in the 1940s in Spain, became a worldwide movement among Christians in many denominations as a way to lead others to Christ. However, during recent years attendance waned, and participants noted that the program needed refreshing. A task force created a renewed program, now called Renewal Weekend. The event is three days instead of four, and people can attend as often as they would like. There is more time for reflection and guided prayer, and the 12 talks, which is the backbone of the curriculum, has been combined into eight lectures. Also, the venue has changed. Previously always at camps, now churches will also host classes during the day while in the evening participants stay in a nearby hotel.

    Renewal Weekend is going through a test-run in June, in Waxahachie at St. Paul’s, to allow organizers to determine if there are final tweaks needed. Here is the draft version of the weekend schedule:

    Day one: Friday evening participants and their sponsors are welcomed to enjoy dinner together. The teaching begins after Evening Prayer. Participants consider where they are in their relationship with God, and the day ends with silence.

    Day two: Morning prayer and an introduction to reconciliation focuses the teachings on how living a Life in Christ relates to individual ministry. The day includes an instructed Eucharist and a block of guided free time for further exploration on a variety of spiritual disciplines. 

    Day three: Morning prayer begins Sunday, focusing on Apostleship and sharing faith with others. The weekend closes with a Renewal of Baptismal Vows.

    The guided break will offer participants free time to reflect, return to their room, walk or attend breakout sessions on prayer. Those sessions include:

    The Examen: An updated approach to daily reflection.

    Prayer Room: A meditative environment with candles and soft music.

    Anglican Rosary: Learn how to make and pray the rosary.

    Lectio Divina (Divine Reading): Learn this traditional Benedictine practice of scriptural reading, meditation and prayer intended to promote communion with God and to increase the knowledge of God’s Word. It does not treat Scripture as texts to be studied, but as the Living Word.

    Praying in Color: Introducing an active, visual and meditative form of intercessory prayer.

    Journal Writing: Learning methods of journaling a conversation with God.   

    While there have been changes made to the programming, the goal is still the same which is to prepare people for a life centered on small groups, living a mature Christian life in Christ, as an active witness for Christ in the world.

    For more information contact: DFW Cursillo at 972-253-7124 or visit the website at