Diocese in Search of Historiographer/Archivist


Diocese in Search of Historiographer/Archivist

    A new opportunity is available at the diocesan offices, tending to the historical treasures of the diocese. If God has gifted you with a love of history, a knack for organization, and the diligence of data clerk, we may have found your ministry. Archival experience is a plus.

    This position is voluntary – as in no pay nor benefits. But you can work flexible hours, it will include annual membership in The National Episcopal Historians & Archivists (NEHA), and you will be serving in a significant way.

    In short, the duties would be to develop a general plan to organize the current records, determine what records are missing, and outline what future records should be kept with an emphasis on creating, maintaining, and continuing a history of the Diocese, its significant personnel and events.

    To receive a copy of the complete goals of the position, please contact Amy Wooten at the Diocesan Office, or 214-826-8310.