Prayer Service for Refugees

02.08.18 | Homepage | by The Rev. Samira Izadi Page

    Gateway of Grace Ministries is hosting An Evening of Prayer for Refugees scheduled for 6:30 p.m., February 12 at Church of the Incarnation at 3966 McKinney Avenue in Dallas. This special gathering will include worship music as well as scripture readings and prayers from Christians across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. A reception will follow with light refreshments. 

    This service will kick-off for the ministry’s 30 Days of Prayer for Refugees. Christians, from various sectors of the community and across denominations, will provide a daily prayer that will be available at 

    Churches are also urged to designate at least one Sunday over the 30 days to highlight the world’s refugee crisis and the Church’s Biblical response. This can be done as a sermon, a mission segment within the service or simply as a focused time of prayer during service. There are three objectives: create awareness of refugees’ plight, help Christians develop a heart for refugees, and collectively ask God to grant the Church favor in reaching refugees with the Gospel. 

    We are happy to provide more details and help in any way possible. Also, the Rev. Dr. Samira Page is available to speak about 30 Days of Prayer for Refugees at a limited number of Sunday services, pastorates and Bible study groups. 

    According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, there are nearly 10 million refugees worldwide. And, that number does not include millions of displaced people who fled their homes, but are still living in their own country. Unfortunately, the number of people becoming refugees increases every day. Our generation is witnessing the largest migration of people in history. The ripple effect impacts nearly every developed nation, including America. And, the Dallas-Fort Worth area is home to one of the largest populations of refugees in America.

    As followers of Jesus Christ and believers in God’s sovereignty, we are hemmed into answering this defining question, “How would Jesus Christ have His Church to respond to this historic mass migration of people?” There are many ways to help meet the practical, emotional and spiritual needs of refugees. However, the most urgent and effective way is to call Christians into a concentrated time of prayer for refugees and for the Church, in its various denominations, to awaken and unite on behalf of refugees.

    Check out this video of Bishop Sumner on the importance of praying for refugees.

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