Renewal Weekend for Youth Leaders and Youth Workers

08.02.18 | Homepage

Renewal Weekend for Youth Leaders and Youth Workers

    The diocese is sponsoring a renewal weekend for youth leaders and workers to help recharge their batteries and to say thank you for a job well done this year. 

    The event is scheduled for August 23-25 at Camp All Saints and is free.  The event includes ideas for next year, and how the diocese can best support specific ministries, not just a one-size fits all solution. 



    1. When is it?   


    August 23 - 25th. Check-in for those who have reserved their spot by August 16th begins at 3 P.M. at Camp All Saints in Pottsboro with dinner at 6 P.M. We will end after breakfast on Saturday, August 25th by 10 A.M.


    2. Is this really free?  


    Well, it is to each of us. The Diocese is supportive of strengthening youth ministry programs and so they are sponsoring this retreat for us through the diocesan budget. 


    3. What will we be spending our time doing?  


    We will be eating and praying and worshipping together; we will also have some fun (we are youth workers- games will probably happen too!).  The goal is to provide some time for youth leaders and workers to be alone (REcharge) as well as some time to build our relationships with each other (REbuild). Think low ropes course, group discussions, etc.  We also have a special guest speaker, an expert to share with us about teenagers and the current stresses that they face. She will spend some time helping us better understand how to reach our teenagers as well as providing some practical tools for taking care of ourselves as leaders and workers. 


    4. Will anyone try and sell me something? Is this really a build up to getting me to join an Amway group or buy into a timeshare? 


    Nope. Nothing like that. The only thing we really want to sell is the idea that we are a better Body of Christ together than apart. 


    5. If I have a specific question, who can I contact? 


    The EDOD office is 214-826-8310. Ask for Canon Gilton. If he is unavailable, or you would rather, you can also reach out to Matt Stroud at St. Nicholas, Flower Mound ( ) or Sarah Klitzke at Ascension, Dallas ( ). They can also help find the answer and/or point you in the right direction. 


    6. What do I need to pack? 


    We recommend comfortable clothes based on the weather, any toiletries and medications you might need, and something to take notes. All of the bed linens and towels will be provided (pillow & blanket too!). A boat ride is possible as well, so you may want to pack a swimsuit. 


    7. What if I can’t be there the entire time?


    Then let us know when you sign up! We have set up the form so you can let us know which night(s) you are able to stay and how many of the meals you will need. 


    8. What if I don’t know anyone? 


    Well - and don’t take this the wrong way - great! That is kind of the point - to get to know one another and have a fun time together. We would love a great mix of big churches, small churches, rural and urban churches.  You don't have to be a paid youth leader to attend. This is open to all volunteers that work with youth as well as those who are in paid positions.  And yes, we will also talk about some youth ministry ‘best practices’ and exchange some ideas which are probably topics that you - as a youth leader and/or worker - are passionate about! Right!?! So why not give it a try?  


    9. Can I invite others to join me? 


    Yes! If they are 1. an adult that currently works with youth or is interested in working in youth ministry and 2. are a part of the Diocese of Dallas, they are more than welcome to attend!  


    10. How do I sign up again?


    Sign up right HERE