TreeHouse Home Design and Ministry Day


    At this spring's Ministry Day, Jason Ballard, CEO of TreeHouse will talk about five things that the Church needs to be thinking and praying about in today's fast-changing world: artificial intelligence, radical life extension, machine-human interfaces, the end of work, and our relationship to the natural world. 

    TreeHouse is a home design company focused on health, sustainability, quality, and responsibility. Based in Austin, TX and soon expanding into the Dallas area, TreeHouse offers a highly curated collection of home building and home improvement products, materials, technologies, and services. TreeHouse has been featured in Inc. magazine and Christianity Today, among other publicationsNot that long ago, Ballard faced a choice: Is God calling me to go into business, or go to seminary and become and Episcopal priest? Today, he endeavors to live out his work as a calling to do something beautiful for God and make a difference in caring for creation. Ballard calls his company "an exercise in applied theology. He will approach these topics through the lens of his own work with TreeHouse to build a profitable business that does something positive for God's creation, and his near entrance into the priesthood.

    Fr. Will Brown, rector of Holy Cross in Dallas and a frequent writer on the subject of creation and conservation, will moderate the conversation.  

    Ministry day is scheduled from Noon to 1 p.m., May 18, at Church of the Incarnation, 3966 McKinney Ave., in Dallas. Clergy and Ministry Leaders are invited. 

    A PDF flyer can be found here for you to use in publicizing this event in your bulletins, newsletters, or emails to your congregation.  

    Please RSVP to help us provide adequate space, hospitality, and lunch for this event.  This diocesan event is free to all clergy and ministry leaders (defined broadly!) of the diocese.  This clergy continuing education event is sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, which thanks the Church of the Incarnation for their hospitality. 

    Please RSVP to Kim Lanore at   or 214-826-8310. 

    For more information, please contact the Rev. Canon Jordan Hylden at  .