Strategic Plan

"The proposed plan is more of a commitment and a call to action. I believe it deeply attends to and asks what we all wonder: amid our circumstances, what is God calling and opening for us in ministry as our way forward in mission. This Plan has space for all and stumbling blocks for none. We have diligently, patiently listened to the Diocese both in listening sessions and a cultural survey. We heard the response in a resounding tone. There is an immense desire for collegiality and transparency. We must broaden the circle of those involved in growing the Kingdom. The Committee and I believe this Plan will allow us to achieve these necessary steps," The Rt. Rev. Dr. George R. Sumner.

Foundational Document 
Survey Summary 
Strategic Vision Outline
Implementation Plan and Volunteer Positions 
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To view additional explanations of each volunteer position please go to the "implementation plan" link above.