Grouped by: The Rev. Debra Vela

    Coco Fiesta

    11.03.22 | Homepage | by The Rev. Debra Vela

    Our "Coco" Fiesta was marvelous.  We had 60 children attend, and with their families, 100 people.  It was a very international event.  The children in our music program attended from Rwanda, Central America and Mexico.  It...

      Deacon Debra's Mission Report

      07.29.22 | Homepage | by The Rev. Debra Vela

      It is that time for my spring/summer Deacon's report for food and children's ministries in our Diocese.  We continue to serve approximately 200 families monthly at each of our sites:  St. Mark's, Mt. Pleasant, St. Mary's Irving, St...

        The Fall Harvest

        01.13.22 | Homepage | by The Rev. Debra Vela

        The Fall Harvest was plentiful and our laborers were abundant!  We served monthly food distributions at St. Augustine's Oak Cliff, St. Mary's, Christ Church Dallas, Garland and East Dallas refugees, St. Mark's, Mt. Pleasant and our new site...

          St. Mark's Food Ministry

          09.09.21 | Homepage | by The Rev. Debra Vela

          I am sending a food distribution update for our new site St. Mark's, Mt. Pleasant.  We were able to serve 80 families recently at St. Mark's with fresh fruit and staple food boxes.  Many of the high need families are members of San...

            Food Ministry Summer Update

            08.05.21 | Homepage | by The Rev. Debra Vela

            We have had a great summer and now have the following food distribution sites:   Summer meals:   Christ Church, 1,125 meals Garland  (refugee kids) 3,200 meals   Food distribution:   St. Mary's Irving - 80...