Bishop-elect George Sumner visits Dallas


Bishop-elect George Sumner visits Dallas

    Photo: Bishop-elect Sumner. Photo on front page from left to right: Bishop-elect Sumner, Dean Neal Michell, Bishop Suffragan Paul Lambert and retired Bishop James Stanton.

    Bishop-elect George Sumner visited Dallas recently to connect with diocesan leadership and prepare documents for the consent process. 

    Sumner was chosen bishop-elect of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas after 77 votes from clergy and 107 votes from laity on the fourth ballot during a Special Convention on May 16, 2015 held at the Episcopal School of Dallas.

    Sumner, age 60, is currently the Principal of Wycliffe College in Toronto, Canada, and was one of four nominees on the ballot for the diocese’ 7th bishop.

    In the upcoming months, the election must also be approved through a majority of consents from the bishops and standing committees of the dioceses in The Episcopal Church. The consent process, which is anticipated to start soon, will take 120 days or less to complete. If Sumner receives the majority of consents, he will be consecrated as bishop on Nov. 14.

    Bishop Suffragan Paul E. Lambert has been serving as bishop pro-tem since Bishop James Stanton retired May 2014.