Calling All Spiritual Directors

08.31.21 | Homepage

    The Episcopal Diocese of Dallas is creating a list of potential spiritual directors to be used by the Commission on Ministry, the Stanton Center, and others for purposes of referral. All spiritual directors on such a list will be expected to regularly attend a monthly group Zoom meeting chaired by Bishop Michael Smith for exchange of ideas, information, and continuing education. The list of diocesan spiritual directors, including contact information, would be published by EDOD in diocesan print and electronic communications.  

    Those who are interested in being considered for listing as a diocesan spiritual director should fill out and submit this form. 

    EDOD Spiritual Directors

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    Do you currently see a spiritual director?*

    Are you current on Safeguarding God's People training?*

    How long have you been a spiritual director? *

    Are you available for a monthly zoom meeting with other diocesan spiritual directors?