Diocesan Parishes Step Up During Winteropolis

02.19.21 | Homepage

    Diocesan parishes are hard at work caring for those in need during this historic freeze. “People are cold, hungry, and in great need and our parishes are stepping up being the hands and feet of Jesus. It is inspiring watching our people respond to the need,” said Canon Carrie Headington. 

    St. Luke’s in Denison, St. Mathias in Athens, St. Augustine's and others have served as warming stations for people who did not have electricity. St. Matthew’s Cathedral, Santa Natividad Plano and many others are also helping to provide shelter and food for their homeless neighbors. San Barnabas Garland, is helping the elderly find safe, warm places to stay. Christ Church Dallas, San Francisco de Asis, and others are providing food distributions of groceries for hundreds of families.

    Some, are going out on the streets with their outreach. Take Deacon Debra Vela for instance who filled her car with food and delivered it to refugee children.

    Through the ongoing work of Project US: Unite and Serve, (The Episcopal Diocese of Dallas’ Initiative to serve the least of these as one body), the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas has joined with ministries in the Southern/Eastern Sector of Dallas through the Greater Dallas Coalition, caring for the poorest of the poor including providing blankets to the homeless, heaters for shelters, and food/groceries. Pastor Karen Belknap of Inspired Vision and Compassion Center said that because of St. Thomas Dallas’ donation, they were able to purchase stoves for cooking food to serve to thousands.  “We are profoundly thankful for St. Thomas. Their donation is a life saver during this time.” Belknap said. Especially in high poverty areas, there are few grocery stores and those that exist are without power and food. The need is tremendous and every donation, dollar for dollar, is going directly to helping the most vulnerable, Heading said. Click here to GIVE.