Divine Distinctions Lecture

09.14.23 | Homepage

    Join St. Matthew's Cathedral and Canon Victor Austin for a Fall Theology Lecture: Divine Distinctions scheduled for 5 p.m., October 15 at St. Matthew's. 

    For several years Father Austin has been studying what he calls “line-drawing” in the Bible; this lecture is an introduction to what he has found in this study. His basic thesis is this: We humans are made—we have a calling—to draw lines and make distinctions in reality even though the matter in which we do this work will resist us and remain blurry. Our distinctions won’t persist, or they won’t reach down to the bottom of things; matter itself may simply resist our efforts to make distinctions. Nonetheless, this is our calling, because it is what God does in the first chapter of Genesis, the chapter that culminates with the declaration that we are created in the image of God.

    The lecture will introduce four distinctions found in the opening chapters of Genesis: right and wrong action, good and bad characters, human and other animals, and male and female humans.

    There will be time for question and answer, and a reception will follow.