EDOD Deputies to GC write evangelism resolution


EDOD Deputies to GC write evangelism resolution

    Bishop Suffragan Paul Lambert, Missioner for Evangelism Carrie Headington and Deputy Bill Murchison took the lead in the Evangelism and Communications Committee to draft a resolution about generating and disseminating quality evangelism resources to help churches share the news about Jesus Christ. 

    Here is the rough draft: 

    Gathering and Sharing for Evangelism

    Resolved the House of ___________ concurring, that the 78th General Convention shall promote the gathering and sharing of evangelism resources for the purpose of equipping the church to share the good news of Jesus Christ; and be it further

    Resolved That ___ shall convene an Evangelism Summit, a gathering of key leaders from across the Episcopal church who are engaged in the work of evangelism, both training and equipping. The Evangelism Summit shall be for the purpose of identifying existing evangelism resources and identifying gaps, developing an evangelism road map to help the church spread the Gospel, proclaim the Kingdom and share the love of God with the world; and be it further

    Resolved That these evangelism resources be shared with the wider Episcopal Church by the attendees of the Summit within their networks, via the Episcopal Asset Map, and in other ways.

    Resolved This work will be funded through grants and contributions for the implementation of this resolution, especially in support of under represented constituencies.

    PROPOSER: GC78 Committee on Evangelism and Communication


    The mission of the Church is to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ. (BCP, p. 855) The Church holds the Good News of the risen Lord Jesus and all members of His body are called to share this Gospel message in word and deed. (BCP, p. 305) The church needs evangelism resources in how to live out the Great Commission, to “proclaim the gospel in varied and ever changing neighborhoods.” (Memorial to the Church, Task Force for Reimagining the Church). This _____ is dedicated to equip all Episcopalians to be “ambassadors for Christ.” (2 Corinthians 5:20)