Education for Ministry


    EfM provides a four-year curriculum that develops a theologically informed, reflective, and articulate laity who are prepared to listen for and respond to God's call. EfM helps lay persons discover and exercise their varied gifts for ministry in the places where they live and work.

    Want to get more? More personal connections, more spiritual depth, greater understanding of traditional and contemporary theology?  EfM may provide what you seek. EfM is a program for adult Christian Education that combines study of Scriptures, Christian history, and theology with a focus on ordinary experience in order to discern God’s presence in one’s life. The program comes from the Episcopal seminary at Sewanee and has become famous for educating adults to see God acting through their lives as well as developing knowledge of Scripture and theology. Although the commitment is serious, there is plenty of laughter and companionship in an EfM group. 

    The class is taught at Saint Michael and All Angels and at St. Peter's in McKinney.  Classes have about six to 12 members. The next class starts in September, so sign up now and get your books early.

    EfM offers:
    * Ways to discern the presence of God
    * An experience of Christian community
    * In-depth study: Bible, church history, theology, ethics 
    * Spiritual growth
    * Discussion informed by knowledge and theological reflection 
    * Practical applications of faith   

    EfM does NOT 
    * Give quizzes, tests, term papers, or grades
    * Provide easy answers 
    * Tell participants what to think
    * Confine itself to the Bible 

    EfM costs
    * Time in study and weekly seminars for 9 months
    * Tuition ($350) Scholarship aid available
    * Four years to complete
    * Enrollment for one year at a time 

    EfM is not for everyone since it challenges people to think and to examine their lives.  For adults who want to grow in faithfulness, it is priceless.  

    For further information at St. Michael and All Angels, please contact Elizabeth Lang at   or 972 299-0938) or Shelly Vescovo  . Partial scholarships available.

    For further information at St. Peter's in McKinney, contact Deacon Betty Breyfogle at