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07.16.21 | Homepage | by Canon Carrie Boren Headington

    Saturday, August 21 we are launching our Missional Learning Communities (aka Stanton Center Evangelism Course). This monthly course covers both personal and parish evangelism. Students will meet monthly through May at the Stanton Center (Church of the Incarnation location) from 4:00 -6:00 p.m. and will simultaneously be taught online.  

    This course is especially designed to equip and ignite laity in how they can share their faith in daily life and how they can support and encourage outreach, mission, and evangelism at their local parish.  

    Upon completion of this course, your lay leader will be able to be commissioned into the Order of Evangelists, a community dedicated to praying for parish outreach and mission, to living out the good news in word and deed, and to missional leadership in the parish.

    Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions at 903-399-3230 (cell).


    Missional Learning Communities:

    Spreading the Good News of Jesus

    Stanton Center Evangelism Course


    Want to explore how to share your faith in daily life?

    • Want to be better equipped in how to answer questions about God, Jesus, and Christianity?
    • Want to know how to enter into spiritual conversations?
    • Want to explore how your parish can reach your community with the good news of Jesus?
    • Want to look at the mission of the church and how to equip your congregation to reach your local community and beyond with the good news?


    Canon Carrie is leading an 10-month missional learning community. There are 2 different ways to take the course:

    Students may take the course at the Stanton School for Ministry (held at Church of the Incarnation Dallas). We will meet monthly for 2 hours during the Stanton Center weekends (every 3rd Saturday of the month).

    Students may take the course online by joining us for the live stream class.

    To enroll in this course please contact Laura Faulkner at or 214-826-8310. The cost for this course is $400 for credit and $300 for audit and $200 online.  Scholarships are available. *We will not turn anyone away who would like to take this course.

    *This course is required for all people seeking induction into the Order of Evangelists.

    TOPICS for each Month:

    August 21 - God’s Mission and the Church. Salvation History overview from Genesis to Revelation. Our Call: Leading a Missional Lifestyle.

    September 18 – What is the Gospel and how do we share the Gospel Narrative?

    October 16- Personal Evangelism: Sharing Faith in Daily Life (including personal faith stories and the role of prayer and the Holy Spirit in evangelism)

    November 20– Jesus: The Missionary and the Message. How did Jesus engage in evangelism? How can his way be applied to our context?

    December 18 – Preaching the Gospel. Giving an evangelistic talk.


    January 15 - Conversational Apologetics: Engaging the Questions/Engaging the Questioner. How to answer some of the top questions seekers and skeptics ask about God and faith.

    February 19– Conversational Apologetics: Engaging the Questions/Engaging the Questioner. How to answer some of the top questions seekers and skeptics ask about God and faith.

    March 19– Being an Evangelistic Church. How, What, When, Where, Who

    April 23- Equipping ambassadors for daily missional living. How to ignite your church to share their faith with seekers and skeptics. From the workplace, home, neighborhood, to local and global mission.

    May 21- Parish Evangelism Project Presentations.

    Carrie Headington is the Canon Evangelist for the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas and also serves on the Evangelism Leadership Team for Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church. Carrie is a graduate of Oxford University with two degrees in Theology, Evangelism and Apologetics. Prior to Oxford, Carrie received a BA from Yale University (major in History) and an MA from Harvard University in Education with a focus in Urban Poverty Policy. As an evangelist, Carrie speaks throughout the Anglican Communion as well as ecumenically. Carrie is an associate evangelist with Philo Trust (the evangelistic ministry of British evangelist Canon J.John), active in the Lausanne Movement, Luis Palau’s Next Generation Alliance, Evangelism Leadership Network (Billy Graham Center at Wheaton) and is a blogger for Christianity Today’s Exchange Blog, Gospel-Life.net (Billy Graham Center), The Living Church Covenant Blog, and PROPEL (led by Christine Caine). Carrie also occasionally speaks on Daystar Television. Carrie is an adjunct professor for Fuller Theological Seminary teaching evangelism. She has published chapters in The Gospel in a Pluralistic Society:  The influence of Lesslie Newbigin on Evangelism Today (Intervarsity Press Academic); Acts to Action: A New Testament Guide to Evangelism and Mission (Forward Movement), and Sent to Flourish: A Guide to Planting and Multiplying Churches  (Intervarsity Press).