Food Ministry Summer Update

08.05.21 | Homepage | by The Rev. Debra Vela

    We have had a great summer and now have the following food distribution sites:
    Summer meals:
    Christ Church, 1,125 meals
    Garland  (refugee kids) 3,200 meals
    Food distribution:
    St. Mary's Irving - 80 families monthly
    St. Augustine Oak Cliff - 80 families monthly
    We plan to begin serving monthly at St. Mark's Mt. Pleasant in September!!
    Children's Music, Art, Ballet programs established:
    Garland (refugee kids)
    Christ Church - 2 Saturdays per month
    St. Mary's Irving - 2 Saturdays per month
    We will be providing snack packs at each site and we continue to wear our masks.  I will continue my "Creation" Theme with the children and they are all excited for future Christmas concert events (probably outside).
    We are so grateful Obispo for your and the Diocesan support and are so excited for the fall term!!!  
    En Cristo, Katika Kristo!!!