From Egypt with Love 10

06.20.23 | Homepage

    We’re Coming to Dallas!

    Our school year has ended, and we are packing our things for a trip to North America.  The kids started up in October when we arrived - two were in daycare and two were in elementary school.  This adjustment was probably the hardest for us all, but they finally adjusted.  My work with the Alexandria School of Theology has centered on teaching and accreditation.  Thankfully we are almost ready to submit our accreditation application, and this will immediately benefit the students.  I also previously mentioned how awesome Jenn is doing with her Arabic.  This helps immensely with fitting into our host country.  All-in-all it’s been a great nine months - ten if you include our scouting trip last July.  God has blessed our ministry immensely, he’s given us a great community, and we even had Jenn’s parents come to help us out for a while.  Our biggest need is of course for your prayers.  Specifically for health and safety, since we’ve had our fair share of hospital emergencies, not to mention some close calls on the crazy roads of Cairo.  Anyway, we will be in Dallas for the last week-and-a-bit of July where I’ll be preaching at Incarnation and St John’s.  So please stop by and say hi.  

    Jeff and Jenn