Juneteenth Film Showing at St. Matthew's Cathedral

05.31.23 | Homepage

    Join St. Matthew's Cathedral for a special screening of Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom which will be shown at 3 p.m.,  June 18, in the Great Hall at the church, 5100 Ross Avenue. The screening will also include a panel discussion with the filmmakers and afterward an Evening Prayer for Unity and Justice in the Cathedral. The film has won numerous accolades and has been an official selection for teh Austin Revolution Film Festival, he Cleveland International Film Festival, the Heartland International Film Festival, the Dallas International Film Festival and the Denton Black Film Festival. 

    The film was produced by Our Daily Bread Ministries, who had this to say about Juneteenth:

    Juneteenth was declared a federal holiday in the United States in 2021. While it has already been celebrated by many, its cultural and spiritual significance is widely unknown. Our Daily Bread Ministries VOICES team has launched a campaign to help churches, civic organizations, and individuals learn and celebrate the holiday! VOICES has produced a documentary, devotionals (print and digital options available), podcasts, and an album to equip you with all you need to appreciate Juneteenth, revealing how it’s a celebration of freedom and faith in the midst of struggle.

    Juneteenth Day reflects dynamic truths about faith and freedom, particularly relevant to the African American experience. The holiday was first celebrated in churches, revealing a deep connection between faith and freedom. The Scriptures teach of Jubilee (Leviticus 25), the time prescribed for justice and freedom to be restored throughout Israel. Jesus, in his inaugural sermon, announced that his kingdom would consummate God’s kingdom of righteousness and justice, through the church and throughout the world.

    When people are freed from injustice, Earth becomes a little more like Heaven. These resources offer an opportunity to tell the story of Juneteenth for those seeking to understand the holiday and find inspiration in its significance. Juneteenth is a story that highlights how hope has endured from 1865 to the present. In doing so, it offers an important story for the discouraged and the hopeful,Black and White, skeptics and saints.

    Featured Resources

    Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom is a feature-length film that teaches and inspires about the cultural and spiritual significance of the holiday.

    Where Ya From? Podcast: In this special episode of Where Ya From?, history professor and minister, Dr. Carey Latimore, tells the story of Juneteenth and the importance of history.

    Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom ~ The Original Motion Picture SoundtrackThis groundbreaking album features gospel, poetry, and hip-hop from Grammy-award winning artist Lecrae Moore, gospel producer, Lucius Hoskins, Sho Baraka, and more!

    Freedom For All is the newest resource in our collection. Learn about Juneteenth’s deep faith roots and be encouraged by God’s message of liberation for all with this 10-day devotional.

    Stay up to date on all the latest Juneteenth resources from the Our Daily Bread Ministries VOICES team by visiting read.odb.org/juneteenth.