One Thousand Days of Love, 1,000 Acts of Love

09.05.19 | Homepage | by The Rev. Virginia Holleman

    In keeping with the new emphasis Episcopal Relief & Development has on Women, Children and Climate Resiliency and the new branding, Working Together for Lasting Change, we are launching a special campaign ONE THOUSAND DAYS OF LOVE, 1,000 ACTS OF LOVE. 

    ONE THOUSAND DAYS OF LOVE is a $3 million grassroots church campaign to increase funding for Episcopal Relief & Development’s programs for the world’s most vulnerable children.  Our launch date started on September 4, and the campaign will end May 31, 2022 – 1,000 days for 1,000 acts of love.

    Our programs will benefit children by:

    1. Bringing positive change to their lives by creating economic stability;
    2. Nurturing healthy children through improving food & nutrition, protecting health and preventing disease, empowering parents, and protecting families.
    3. Helping children achieve their full potential by providing access to clean water, hygiene, sanitation, and by reducing the impact of disasters and building resilience.

    Research has shown that the first 1,000 days of a child’s life are foundational in affecting that child’s capacity to grow, to learn and to thrive over his or her entire life.  The first few years form the basis for future learning, good health and nutrition, and for overall well-being. We believe every child deserves the chance to achieve his or her full potential and we believe this new campaign can provide that chance.

    I urge everyone to become a partner in this exciting campaign.  At Episcopal Relief & Development we are Working Together for Lasting Change. 

    For more information see our Webpage