Prevent & Protect: A Human Trafficking Awareness Program

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    Project Moses North presents
    PREVENT & PROTECT: A Human Trafficking Awareness Program
    Saturday, August 26 | Doors open at 2 pm | FREE

    Learn how to protect your children at Prevent & Protect: A Human Trafficking Awareness Program held on Saturday, August 26 at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Frisco sponsored by Project Moses North. Hear from experts on how to recognize the signs, risk factors, and ways your children are being targeted through social media, personal connections and more; and how you can be part of the solution. Then join us for a Prayer Vigil for all those impacted and harmed by human trafficking. There is no charge for parents, guardians or caregivers for this event (18+ only). 

    Program Schedule
    Doors open at 2 p.m.

    2:30 pm - Welcome and Introduction
    2:40 pm - Project Moses Presentation
    3 pm - Bianca Davis, New Friends New Life - Chief Executive Officer
    3:25 pm - Princy Prasad, Nomi Network - Dallas Program Manager
    3:50 pm - Q&A
    4:10 pm - Recap and Closing
    4:30 pm - Prayer Vigil
    5 pm - Meet & Greet with Refreshments
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    Fighting for the freedom of those trapped in human trafficking and providing for their needs, and the needs of agencies serving them is imperative to changing the problem of modern day slavery.

    Project Moses is a mission founded by parishioners (at SMAA) to combat human trafficking and share the Light of Christ with its survivors.

    Project Moses North was founded in Frisco in March of 2022 at St. Philip’s in Frisco with the help and support of Mark & Terry Demler of Project Moses at Saint Michaels and All Angels. This ministry has blossomed within our parish and into a community effort that partners with agencies, medical professionals, law enforcement, donors and volunteers to serve survivors and fight against this horrific crime.

    The primary focus of Project Moses North is to support these agencies & safe houses (that home trafficking survivors) and to educate our parish and wider community with the intent to prevent and rescue. We support of agencies and safe houses through pastoral advocacy and mentorship with survivors, apartment sponsorship and providing financial and basic need/care items for survivors.

    Education truly is the primary way to combat this insidious crime and the key in prevention. We do this through training, events, symposiums and panels offered to our parish and community. The team began with a handful of people and grew to over 50 active member within 6 months and continues to bring the wider community into our church.

    This growing ministry focuses on the scourge of human trafficking in our community through education, advocacy (with survivors, legislators and law enforcement), and partnerships with agencies that serve victims and survivors of this crime. We support survivors and agencies financially and relationally, participate in outreach connected to rescue operations, and connect the biblical foundation to why we do what we do: Galatians 5:13 tells us 'for you were called to freedom, brethren; only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love be servants of one another'. . We fight to free those trapped in modern day slavery and pastorally support those rescuing victims and caring for the injured and traumatized. We speak out against the sexual exploitation of minors (and adults), combat the sin of pornography & prostitution and its connection to this crime, participate in rescue outreach, and pray diligently. There is great need for the survivor to regain their basic human dignity and we participate in this through advocacy, mentorship, hospitality and friendship wholly in the name of Jesus. We have been called to use our freedom to serve Christ in one another.

    We serve victims and survivors of human trafficking, and their families and loved ones when appropriate.

    We serve the agencies and safe houses that care for and support survivors, as well as the case workers, counselors and professionals that serve and work with survivors.

    Our parishioners and wider community are served by this project as an opportunity to grow their faith through being the hands and feet (and prayer warriors!) of Christ.

    We also serve perpetrators (though rare) as they amend and reconcile, and their family/loved ones as appropriate.

    And most of all, we serve Jesus Christ. This is his work of freedom and redemption.