St. Mark's Food Ministry

09.09.21 | Homepage | by The Rev. Debra Vela

    I am sending a food distribution update for our new site St. Mark's, Mt. Pleasant.  We were able to serve 80 families recently at St. Mark's with fresh fruit and staple food boxes.  Many of the high need families are members of San Marcos and are cared for by Padre Williams and Susanna.  Our plan is to bring food the first Thursday of each month to San Marcos and continue this ministry there. Also, with the support of the Daughters of the King, we will bring winter clothing to the site, later this year.  Right now, the East Texas resources are very limited, so I am bringing them (via U-haul truck rental) from Dallas.  Obispo, todos de San Marcos, le dan muchas gracias por su suporte!!