Thanksgiving with Refugees and Gateway of Grace

11.08.18 | Homepage | by The Rev. Dr. Samira Page

    Preparations are underway for Gateway of Grace Ministries’ 8th Annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner with Refugee Families at St. Matthew’s Cathedral! For our refugees families, it is the event of the year. And each year, we host a capacity gathering of refugees as well as ministry partners who now make the dinner part of their family’s celebration. This is the perfect opportunity for you to join us in demonstrating Christ's love of our refugee families. Among our greatest needs are donations of food and gifts cards as well as volunteers to help with food preparation & serving and transportation.

    Will you please help us make Christ visible to refugees families by signing up to help? The Annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner is one of those rare opportunities for the Church to engage refugees families from various countries as we help them experience a truly American holiday. Thank you, in advance, for your heart of generosity and service!

    Here is how to participate: