The Rev. Nathan Webb Q&A

11.16.23 | Homepage

    What church are you serving at, and what are you doing there?
    I am serving as priest-in-charge at St. James on the Lake, Kemp. 

    How long have you been there?  
    I’ve been here for a little over a year. Sometimes it seems like it's only a few weeks.

    What has been the most surprising aspect of this ministry?  
    The most surprising aspect has been how quickly and enthusiastically they welcomed my family. We were strangers and they welcomed us in. 

    What has been the most meaningful?  
    The most meaningful moments have been baptisms. There is something deeply powerful about standing with someone as they proclaim to the whole world that Christ is Savior and Lord. 

    Since this placement how have you seen God’s presence in your life? 
    Since arriving at St. James I have seen the wideness of God’s grace. No matter how many times I have fallen short, God does more than I can ask or imagine. His goodness and mercy abound.

    Since this placement how have you seen God’s presence in your parish? 
    God is working in and through St. James. We have had new avenues open up that allow us to serve our community and our local schools. St. James has always been a place that does more than what should be possible. Through the grace of God, we're doing even more.

    What is your advice to those discerning the call to holy orders? 
    There are a million ways to talk yourself out of a calling, but there is no greater joy than following God’s call. Also, be aware that there’s more physical labor than you realize. 

    What are you most thankful for in this role?   
    The people of the parish. They inspire me, they push me to be better, and they are exceedingly gracious. They are passionate, not just about their church, but about Christ.