Visiting Bishop From Ghana

09.14.23 | Homepage


    The Rt. Rev. Felix Annancy is the bishop of the Diocese of Korforidua in Ghana, Africa and is visiting the Diocese of Dallas for the next three months. He has been bishop for five years and in ordained ministry for 36 years. His diocese works to generate a sustainable water supply, create a clinic and train additional ordained and lay leaders in the Church among other endeavors. There are 31 parishes with clergy, and 44 congregations led by commissioned catechists and evangelists. During his time in Dallas he will be visiting parishes and conducting research at SMU’s Bridwell Library on how the apostles grew the church, so he can translate their actions into ways to grow the Diocese of Korforidua. “The growth of the church is at a slow pace,” he said. “That’s why I want to look at the Acts of the Apostles to know how they grew the church and compare that to us, look at what we are not doing right.” He is also interested in developing intercessory prayer groups in his congregations and wants to encourage clergy to provide healing programming at their parishes.