Communications Resources


Camera: Smart phone or tablet works great.

Lighting: Make sure your background is darker than you. This way you are not backlit and appear on camera as a silhouette.

Tripod: Amazon sells tripods for varying smart phones and tablets.

Sound: Don’t forget to use your church sound system to get quality sound on your recording.

Connectivity: You are going to need it. Options arewifi, ethernet, cell data, mobile hotspot. Try a test run to see if you have enough bandwidth. 


Facebook live is the easiest. It’s basically a point and click. Connect to your church FB page, this way anyone can watch it, not just FB members. Here is a guide to FB Live

Mevo is another option, if you want easy to use affordable equipment that is not your smart phone. You will need to livestream to something with this option, like your website, social media, etc.

Twitch is another option. It started out for gamers but is evolving. You will need to add streaming software, this article offers some for free.

Youtube:Don’t want to use Facebook? YouTube is another option. Here’s a tutorial.

Copyright: If you plan on livestreaming copyrighted music read this.
Video Conferencing: Can be used for small groups, coffee hour, Bible study, etc.

Zoom:is a popular option.

Google hangouts: Must have a google account.  

Group Texting:

Group Me

Team Communication: