Stanton Center

The Stanton Center seeks to restore the historic role of the Cathedral as the center for mission and spiritual life in the Diocese of Dallas. The focus of the Center's mission is to equip and sustain lay and ordained leaders, enabling them to carry out the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. In this way the Center assists the Diocese in nurturing and maintaining the sacred traditions of the Church and enabling all Christians to answer the call to ministry which we receive in Baptism. 

Classes at the Stanton Center are held one weekend each month. Full-year classes begin in August and run through May. Half-year classes run from August through December and from January through May. 

Stanton Center Catalog and Class Schedule 2017-2018
Application for Admission
Registration for 2017-2018 

For more information call 214.823.8134 Ext. 229 or email . or visit the website at