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Did you know you can develop leaders within your church through the Alpha course?

Many churches have expressed their great satisfaction with how they are able to train volunteers through Alpha's training resources and watch them
grow as leaders.

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2013 Evangelism Calendar


January 10-11
The Cranmer Institute Rising Leaders Forum

January 20
St. Philip’s, Frisco, Texas

January 25-27
Nocona, Texas Mission with St. Philip’s

February 1-3
Happening, St. Vincent’s Bedford

February 6
SMU Canterbury, “How do we know God Exists?”

February 7
“World Religions: Jesus Among Other Gods” St. Nicolas, Flower Mound, Texas

February 9
Renewal Center Team Meeting Day

February 14 -17
Cursillo, Camp Crucis

February 16
Community of Servants, Renewal Center

February 20
SMU Canterbury, “How do we know Jesus was God?”

February 23
Rural Church Gathering, “Leadership of Jesus: Lessons for Today” “”Lessons Learned from the Early Church for Mission.”

February 27
SMU Canterbury, “If God is good why do we suffer so much?”

February 28
9 a.m. Proven Strategies for Growth with Eric Erickson of 10:2 Strategies- Episcopal Diocese of Dallas offices

11:30- Epiphany, Dallas – “The gift of Jesus.”

March 2
Sharing Your Faith Workshop, For Dallas Ft. Worth region, Episcopal Center for Renewal

March 4
Dr. Richard Mouw, The Cranmer Institute 9:00 a.m.

March 14-17
Spanish Cursillo, Camp All Saints

March 15-16
Diocese of Arkansas Daughter of the King, keynote

March 29
Passion of Christ film with International Students

April 3
Epiphany, Richardson, “Engaging the Questions” series

April 5-7
New Beginnings, Camp Crucis

April 6
Renewal Center Board Retreat

April 10
Epiphany, Richardson, “Engaging the Questions” series

April 12-13
Trinity, Dallas

April 17
Epiphany, Richardson, “Engaging the Questions” series

April 18-21
Cursillo, Star Brand Ranch

April 25
Daystar Television, Marcus and Joni

May 1
Epiphany, Richardson, “Engaging the Questions” series

May 5
Preaching, St. Matthias, Athens

May 25-June 3


June 28-30
Happening, Terrell, Texas

July 15-19
Dallas Champions Camp, St. Philip’s School and Community Center

July 18-21
Cursillo, Camp All Saints

August 2-4
Happening, Ascension, Dallas

September 12-15
Cursillo, Camp All Saints

October 4-6
New Beginnings, Camp Crucis

October 10 -13
Spanish Cursillo, Camp Crucis

October 24 – 27
National Cursillo Conference

November 7-10
Cursillo, Camp Crucis

November 9
Dallas Diocesan Convention

December 1
Diocese of Dallas Women’s Advent Retreat, Camp All Saints