1. Episcopal Church General Convention in Utah

    Episcopal Church General Convention in Utah

    Top Issues Include PB Election and Marriage

  2. Communion Partners Salt Lake City Statement

    Communion Partners Salt Lake City Statement

    Bishops respond to marriage resolutions

  3. Bishop Suffragan Lambert issues statement

    Bishop Suffragan Lambert issues statement

    SCOTUS votes in favor of same-sex marriage

  4. A Letter From Bishop-elect Sumner

    A Letter From Bishop-elect Sumner

    Words for the Diocese

  5. Feed the Hungry

    Feed the Hungry

    Five Reasons Churches Should Make Hunger a Priority

  6. Adult Formation

    Adult Formation

    Consider Education for Ministry Class

  7. Women's Clergy Retreat

    Women's Clergy Retreat

    Gathering for Collegiality at Camp All Saints

  8. Mother Rebecca Tankersley's Ordination

    Mother Rebecca Tankersley's Ordination

    Slideshow by Photographer Richard Hill

  9. Youth Summer Camp

    Youth Summer Camp

    Sign-up campers grades 3rd through 12th

  10. Millennial Christianity

    Millennial Christianity

    Helping Postmodern Skeptics Find God

  11. Top Ways to Grow a Church

    Top Ways to Grow a Church

    Best practices from The Rev. Victoria Heard

  12. Why Camp is Important

    Why Camp is Important

    Mother Rebecca Tankersley reflects on the value of youth formation

  13. Turning Mirrors into Windows

    Turning Mirrors into Windows

    Students volunteer to help refugees

  14. Slavery in Your Backyard

    Slavery in Your Backyard

    Symposium addresses human trafficking in Dallas

  15. Life Skills

    Life Skills

    Youth learn boxing, self-respect

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We are Resurrection people

The mission of the church is to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ 

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Bishop Paul E. Lambert oversees pastoral and administrative needs throughout the diocese. He is responsible for pastoral care to clergy and their families,meeting congregational needs and strategy for church planting. He is a chief pastor for more than 31,000 Episcopalians, 200 clergy and 100 congregations, schools and institutions. He was elected the 7th Bishop Suffragan in 2008. 

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Welcome to the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas. We are a worshipful community where more than 11,500 believers sit in the pews each Sunday at one of our 70 parishes or missions. Our reach extends throughout Northeast Texas with Oklahoma, Arkansas, Waxahachie and Tarrant County serving as our borders. Our congregations are large, small, contemporary and traditional. Join us as we worship Christ, experience community and transform lives. 

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Slavery in Your Backyard

Paul Lambert and Kevin J. Farrell

An Easter Message

Bishop Paul Lambert



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Post General Convention Meeting


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