1. Church on Church Partnership

    Church on Church Partnership

    Good Shepherd Brings Love to Our Saviour

  2. Evangelist on Evangelist

    Evangelist on Evangelist

    Life of Billy Graham: He was Called and So Are We

  3. Letter From a Millennial Priest

    Letter From a Millennial Priest

    How to Attract Millennials to Your Church

  4. Bishop Sumner Blesses House

    Bishop Sumner Blesses House

    Good Shepherd in Terrell Adds Building to Campus

  5. Parishes Unite for Youth Mission Trip

    Parishes Unite for Youth Mission Trip

    Alaska Bound

  6. A Day in the Life of a Church Planter

    A Day in the Life of a Church Planter

    Mother Leslie Stewart Gives Snapshot of Day at Resurrection

  7. Baptism, Confirmation and Marriage Records to Go Online

    Baptism, Confirmation and Marriage Records to Go Online

    Ancestry.com Working with Diocese to Provide Searchable Records

  8. All in the Family

    All in the Family

    St. Augustine's Get Wife/Husband Vicars

  9. Empty Bowls Full Hearts

    Empty Bowls Full Hearts

    St. Peter's McKinney Raises Money For Those In Crisis

  10. Diary of a Theologian

    Diary of a Theologian

    A Laugh

  11. Pocket Ministry

    Pocket Ministry

    Tiny Crosses Make Huge Difference in Canton

  12. Texas Rangers Baseball Game Outing

    Texas Rangers Baseball Game Outing

    Join Us for a Fun Night of Baseball

  13. MLK Day Parade

    MLK Day Parade

    Strength to Love

  14. Cursillo Gets Program Overhaul

    Cursillo Gets Program Overhaul

  15. Jubilee Grants Awarded to Dallas Ministries

    Jubilee Grants Awarded to Dallas Ministries

  16. Church Plant Video

    Church Plant Video

  17. Photo Slideshow

    Photo Slideshow

    The Consecration and Enthronement

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We are Resurrection people

The mission of the church is to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ 

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Bishop George Sumner oversees pastoral and administrative needs throughout the diocese. He is responsible for pastoral care to clergy and their families, meeting congregational needs and diocesan-wide strategy. He is a chief pastor for more than 32,000 Episcopalians, 200 clergy and 100 congregations, schools and institutions. He was elected the 7th Bishop in 2015. 

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Welcome to the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas. We are a worshipful community where more than 11,500 believers sit in the pews each Sunday at one of our 70 parishes or missions. Our reach extends throughout Northeast Texas with Oklahoma, Arkansas, Waxahachie and Tarrant County serving as our borders. Our congregations are large, small, contemporary and traditional. Join us as we worship Christ, experience community and transform lives. 

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Mar 09 2018 08:17am

Church of the Good Shepherd in Dallas is sharing its love and resources, to give Our Saviour Episcopal Church in Dallas a boost in attendance and morale. Our Saviour, which is in Pleasant Grove, has an average Sunday attendance of about 20, and has not had a permanent priest in several years. The church has been hiring supply priests or would worship with morning prayer, but have remained steadfast in mission.


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