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Presiding Bishop Election Update

"Beloved of the Lord, continue to pray for our Church during this time of discernment. God bless and keep you all," -- Bishop Paul Lambert. 

JNCPB Report -- 

[January 22, 2015] The Episcopal Church Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop (JNCPB) has released the following statement with an update of progress following its recent meeting:

The Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop (JNCPB) met January 12 – 14. After nearly two years of conducting its work electronically, the committee gathered for the purpose of discerning the list of candidates to continue in the process. Committee co-chair, Bishop Edward Konieczny, said that during the time together the committee’s “passionate, emotional, and difficult work laid an incredible foundation that we will aim to continue with grace.”

More than 165 people representing over 60 dioceses submitted names during the nomination period last fall. Bishops whose names were submitted were invited to continue in the discernment process as established by the JNCPB by submitting information and materials for consideration. Video conferencing afforded the opportunity for committee members to talk with the candidates.

The Canons charge the Committee to present a slate of no fewer than three nominees. The JNCPB will announce the names of its nominees in early May. During the 10 days following release of the slate, deputies and bishops may indicate their intent to nominate any other bishop from the floor. The JNCPB will release names of any additional nominees in early June.

The JNCPB will present all the nominees to both Houses of General Convention on Wednesday, June 24. A formal nomination of candidates will follow on Friday, June 26. Bishops will elect the next Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church during a sequestered session on Saturday, June 27. The House of Deputies will then vote to confirm or not confirm the election by the House of Bishops.

Please keep all those who entered the discernment process, the candidates, their families and dioceses, and the members of the JNCPB in your prayers.

The JNCPB committee is composed of a lay member, a priest or deacon, and a bishop elected from each of the nine provinces of the Episcopal Church, plus two youth representatives who were appointed by the President of the House of Deputies, the Rev. Gay Clark Jennings. The General Convention Deputies and bishops serve a three-year term to conclude at the close of General Convention 2015 in Salt Lake City.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015 15:46

Peace Which Passes All Understanding


By now, I am almost certain that all of you have heard the news coming out of Paris, France regarding the tragic death of members of the press, those in the kosher grocery store and a police officer. The senseless acts of killing innocent people are incomprehensible and words cannot begin to describe our outrage. To this end, I shall not attempt to do so. However, I do want to reflect a bit on the apparent violent nature of our world.

Man’s inhumanity to man reaches through history with wonton acts of killing highlighting each century. From the beginning of time it seems we just can’t seem to live in peace.  Why is that? What is it about human nature that pushes some to such extreme behavior? Is it pride? That seems such a simplistic answer. Is it the need to assert power over others? Perhaps. I have been thinking about this now since the events in Paris and what I am wondering is how much influence does society have on this kind of lawless and senseless behavior. How has our slow, slip into moral decay caused the eating away of the very fabric of our soul?

Jeremy Taylor the 17th Century theologian produced his greatest work titled “Ductor Dubitantium,” or “The Rule of Conscience….” In his writing he makes the case that it is our conscience from which our decisions, moral and ethical, derive and therefore it is the information the conscience receives which determine our decisions. Good or bad.  In other words how our conscience is informed and with what information it is informed dictates our behavior. What goes in, is what comes out!

Taylor’s premise rings true particularly when extraordinarily good or extraordinarily bad events occur, such as the ones in Paris. It is clear that the perpetrators of these evil acts were misinformed, if you will. Whether it was what they were reading, those whom they associated with, their environment, and/or experience, each of these had something to do with their decision to kill innocent people. The violence they perpetuated was learned and informed.

We cannot do much about what happened in Paris but we can do something about how we inform our conscience and ultimately our soul. Though I have used an extreme example the premises still hold true that our decisions are made through our informed conscience and this has an effect upon our souls. We commit violent acts, relatively speaking, everyday. None of us is exempt from outbursts of temper, judgmental statements, accusing eyes.  Our violence is often more subtle but at times, just as painful to the recipients. These are the things that we can change, which we have control over.

As we prepare to enter the Holy Season of Lent let us do so with the mind to inform our conscience with the things of God. Let us be intentional about removing “violence” from our own lives. As we do so, we will transform our environment and those around us by our godly behavior.  This is what our Lord Jesus Christ calls us to and in answering that call we will find that “peace which passes all understanding.”

Bishop Paul E. Lambert

Friday, 09 January 2015 16:24

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:

1. JANUARY 22, 2015 - MOVEMENT DAY GREATER DALLAS. Come hear key leaders speak on the needs of the greater Dallas area and get equipped on how the church can address them. This is a citywide Christian ecumenical gathering. Some of the areas that will be covered are evangelism and the citywide Explore God campaign, hunger, education, leadership development, poverty, economic development, human trafficking, and immigration to name a few. The event will be held at the Kay Baily Hutchison Convention Center. For registration and more information go to

2. February 6-7, IGNITE CONFERENCE -- This is a gathering of young Christian leaders and dynamic worship to ignite the next generation in sharing the Gospel. Diocesan Evangelist Carey Boren Headington will be joining a national team of speakers who will equip youth and young adults to share their faith. Please bring your youth groups and young adult ministries.  For free tickets go to

The event will be at Oaks Fellowship in Red Oak, Texas. Attendees will travel by bus from the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, leaving at 5 a.m. on Friday and Saturday mornings. Please contact Carrie Headington at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , if you would like to ride the bus to the event.

3. February 20-21, WHEATON EVANGELISM CONFERENCE. Come hear some of the top evangelists, (like Billy Graham's grandson Will Graham), and evangelism practitioners in the U.S. If you have someone from your congregation you would like to sponsor please let me know. I will be sharing at this event and would love to take a group from our diocese with me. Please send me your evangelism leaders.

For more information go to

Monday, 05 January 2015 13:46

Episcopal Center for Renewal

The Episcopal Center for Renewal is hosting a celebration to honor Jeri Corley, and the work of the Renewal Center, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., Jan. 18 at St. Mark's, 516 S. O'Connor Road in Irving. After 20 years of serving as Office Manager,  Corley is retiring. As the Renewal Center transitions into a less formal ministry, St. Mark's will continue to host the Cursillo workroom. The Secretariat and Servant Community is also asking for volunteers to support Cursillo, and for financial contributions to establish scholarship funds for future Cursillo weekends. 
Monday, 05 January 2015 13:36

MLK Day of Caring

The Faith Community Action Team of the Dallas Coalition for Hunger Solutions joins VNA Meals on Wheels for the 4th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Caring, addressing senior hunger in our community.

Over 20,000 seniors are food insecure in Dallas County and while VNA helps feeds 4,000 seniors daily, there are many more seniors in need. The faith community can make a difference.

On Monday, January 19th, the MLK Day of Caring will give congregations an opportunity to have an impact on hunger by delivering hot, nutritious meals to homebound seniors in the southern sector of Dallas. With every volunteer, money that would be spent on paying drivers can be spent instead on serving additional seniors in the future. Our goal is to engage 100 or more volunteers from the faith community to cover an estimated 50 VNA Meals on Wheels routes.

How the Day of Caring Works

 Sign up as an individual or with your congregation. We ask that people go on routes in teams of 2, so groups that have more than 2 will be divided up into multiple routes.You will be notified with detailed information in advance about your route as well as a pick-up time between 10am-11am.

Participants will arrive at the meal distribution location to pick up meals:
 Concord Church, 
6808 Pastor Bailey Drive 
Dallas, TX 75237

Each route includes on average 5-10 stops serving an average of 10-12 individuals. Each route takes no more than 2 hours.

You can suggest a preferred neighborhood in southern Dallas County to serve but the ability to accomodate that preference will depend on where meal recipients are located and other factors. There might also be opportunities to serve in other parts of the County if desired.

Participant drivers must hold a valid drivers license. Children under 16 years of age can participate with an accompanying adult.

For additional questions, please contact VNA's Kim Peters at 214-689-2210 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Thursday, 04 December 2014 15:57

Financial and Administrative Conference

The Episcopal Diocese of Dallas is hosting a Financial and Administrative Conference for its diocesan churches, scheduled from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., January 17, at Church of the Transfiguration, at 14115 Hillcrest Road in Dallas.

 The conference will offer business administrators and treasurers an opportunity to network and learn about current trends in church insurance. Preparation of financial statements, compensation issues and audit reporting will also be discussed. 

 RSVP by Jan. 12 to Kim Lanore at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by calling 214.826.8310. If you have questions or wish to submit a topic for the workshop please contact Ticoy Young at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

 The conference is free of charge and will include lunch.

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A Prayer for the Diocese

O Lord, you promise to be with your Church until the end of the age: continue this good work as you raise up the next Bishop of Dallas. Prepare this person to be the pastor and spiritual leader who will lead us forward to glorify you. We also ask that you send your Spirit upon the committees and convention given the task of calling our next bishop. Give them prayerful, open and discerning hearts that they may hear your voice and do your will to fulfill your purpose for this diocese. We ask all this in Jesus' name. Amen.