1. Deepen Your Spirituality

    Deepen Your Spirituality

    Enroll in Stanton Center Classes

  2. One Does Not Get Chummy with the Almighty

    One Does Not Get Chummy with the Almighty

    By the Very Rev. Dean Neal Michell

  3. Gift Shop Ministry

    Gift Shop Ministry

    Buy Once, Give Twice

  4. Word From the Bishop

    Word From the Bishop

    Call to Diaconal Vocation

  5. The Rev. Leslie Stewart

    The Rev. Leslie Stewart

    Hearing God's Call

  6. Ministry for DeSoto Area Community

    Ministry for DeSoto Area Community

    St. Anne's Opens Childcare Facility

  7. EDOD Convention: Worship God

    EDOD Convention: Worship God

    Saturday, November 4, 2017

  8. Diary of a Theologian

    Diary of a Theologian

    The Teacher

  9. Need Christian Formation Materials?

    Need Christian Formation Materials?

    Check out Diocese Resource Center's Online Catalogue

  10. Protect Your Church and School

    Protect Your Church and School

    Make Sure Safeguarding Training is Current

  11. ReviveTX


    EDOD Participates in Ecumenical Evangelism Effort

  12. Gateway of Grace

    Gateway of Grace

    Let Not the Needy, O Lord, Be Forgotten

  13. Word From the Bishop

    Word From the Bishop

    Welcoming Bishop Michael Smith

  14. You Are Called

    You Are Called

    Refined Processes for Discerning Vocations to Holy Orders

  15. Photo Slideshow

    Photo Slideshow

    The Consecration and Enthronement

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We are Resurrection people

The mission of the church is to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ 

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Bishop George Sumner oversees pastoral and administrative needs throughout the diocese. He is responsible for pastoral care to clergy and their families, meeting congregational needs and diocesan-wide strategy. He is a chief pastor for more than 32,000 Episcopalians, 200 clergy and 100 congregations, schools and institutions. He was elected the 7th Bishop in 2015. 

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Welcome to the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas. We are a worshipful community where more than 11,500 believers sit in the pews each Sunday at one of our 70 parishes or missions. Our reach extends throughout Northeast Texas with Oklahoma, Arkansas, Waxahachie and Tarrant County serving as our borders. Our congregations are large, small, contemporary and traditional. Join us as we worship Christ, experience community and transform lives. 

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Jul 20 2017 01:00pm

This is a course to learn how to preach, also known as homiletics. It's the study of liturgical preaching and homiletic skills. Instruction includes a reflection on the pastoral and liturgical place of the sermon. In addition to classroom homiletic exercises and critiques, students preach during Stanton Center services. Classes are being offered at half-price. View details here: http://buff.ly/2ve7m76


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