Demographics Resources for the Diocese of Dallas is a web site for leaders, clergy and lay, who want to know more about their target
missional community.

It is brought to you by the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas and Percept, the leading information provider to religious organizations since 1987. Through we are able to provide you and other leaders with the latest information about your community, as well as information and assessment tools to develop your leadership skills and helping you to lead your congregation into the new world of opportunities awaiting us in the
21st century.

When you first go to the web site, you'll need to sign up as a client. The Diocese of Dallas provides six clients per congregation. It is organized into five sections:

Getting Started
If you're a first time visitor, it all starts here. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, click this section, and you can explore the Information Age at your fingertips as you learn about yourself, your community, your congregation, and your world. Here 's where you find out what this site is about, who's behind it, get your browser ready for action, etc.

Leadership starts with the leader. This section provides you an opportunity to find out more about yourself and how you deal with change.

My community
Just how well do you know your community? Here 's a section that allows you explore the latest demographic information for your ministry area. All you need is your zip code.

My congregation
Ever wonder how your congregation compares to the larger community you serve? Here 's a special offer to explore that critical connection further.

My world
Click here if you want to see the "big picture." Do you wonder what all the change in the past 30 years has meant for the church? Take a short survey to help you engage this issue. Visit this section to discover critical insights that can make all the difference in how you see the future. Are you ready?

Simply log on to the Link2Lead Web site at the link below and register as a user at no cost. Follow the instructions on the site and begin a new adventure into the information world that will assist you and the leaders of your church in planning for mission and ministry!

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