Episcopal Relief and Development

08.30.18 | Homepage | by The Rev. Virginia Holleman

    I have just returned from an exciting regional network meeting with colleagues and staff from Episcopal Relief & Development. We are continuing our work with our many Anglican partners throughout the world and thus can continue our work in places where many others are unable to do so.  Working in communities struggling with hunger, poverty, disaster and disease, we are building on local knowledge and strengths so that all people may live healthier, more fulfilling lives.  And of course we are continuing the disaster relief work in our own country and the Caribbean where people’s lives have been so badly impacted by last year’s hurricanes and this year’s wildfires.  And just as important, we are helping these communities develop preparedness plans to mitigate the effects of the next possible disaster.

    Even as we continue this work, Episcopal Relief & Development is shifting our emphasis to three transformative program areas - Children, Women and Climate - through integrated and long-term development strategies.  We are doing this through our Asset-Based Community Development program where we help communities assess their gifts and build on them together.  Think about it – when you come up with a solution to your problem, using the knowledge and strengths you have, maybe with guidance and experience from an expert, it works far better than my coming in and telling or even showing you what to do. And even the poorest communities have knowledge and strengths – assets – that they can build on.

    “Healing a Hurting World,” which has been our tag-line for many years, no longer fits these new priorities.  To reflect these changes, Episcopal Relief & Development is launching a “brand refresh” with a new logo and tag line – to be “rolled out” in early September.  As soon as I have the go-ahead, I will send it out to you.  We were sworn to secrecy at the meeting but I can tell you it is dynamic and very cool!   Our look has changed but our mission hasn’t – Episcopal Relief & Development will still be responding to disasters, both domestic and international, helping communities in preparedness work, and responding to issues of hunger, poverty, disease – all the areas we have worked tirelessly in for over 75 years. 

    Thank you for all YOU do to support our very important work.

    The Rev. Virginia Holleman
    Diocesan Coordinator for Diocese of Dallas
    Provincial Coordinator for Province VII