Public Reading of Mark's Gospel

01.11.18 | Homepage

Public Reading of Mark's Gospel

    4 -6 p.m., January 20, St. Matthew's Cathedral

    This January, we invite Christians throughout Dallas to gather for a public reading of the whole of Mark’s Gospel. The Episcopal Church and others follow the Revised Common Lectionary for Sunday readings. The First Sunday of Advent in 2017 marks the beginning of Year B of the RCL’s 3-year cycle, which means for most Sundays this year, we will be reading selections from Mark’s Gospel.

    We hope this public reading will allow a unique view into Mark’s primary theological claims about Jesus of Nazareth, the key literary features of his text, and the theological motifs that will sound throughout our Sunday morning readings this year. In addition, we hope that this will provide all of us with an opportunity to invite friends and neighbors to church.

    For more information, please contact

    The Rev. Rebecca Tankersley ( )