Project Mask

08.14.20 | Homepage

    Southern Dallas has an extremely high child poverty rate, and COVID has further disrupted their lives.  A coalition of churches including those from our diocese are trying to help meet the needs of these children and their families.  One of their needs is for masks--both for the children but also for the adults.  EDOD wants to start to meet that need by providing 500 masks for children and 500 masks for adults.  

    Gateway of Grace Ministries works with church partners to meet the practical, emotional and spiritual needs of refugee families, many of whom fled their homelands because of war, political unrest and persecution.

    Some of these refugee women are helping stop the spread of COVID by sewing face masks, using fabric and supplies from Gateway of Grace Ministries.

    The masks are available for a donation of $25 for a pack of four. And, 100 percent of the proceeds go directly to the refugee women. For some seamstresses, sewing face masks through Gateway of Grace is where they received their first ever pay check and have been empowered to help support their families. 1000 face masks sewn for South Dallas would help protect many families from Coronavirus and provide $6250 to these refugee women.

    Help us meet the needs of both groups by donating to Gateway of Grace Ministries, specifying your donation to go in honor of South Dallas Masks.  Masks provide an income for refugee families.  Masks protect vulnerable people living in South Dallas.

    To donate, please go to and click the DONATE NOW button (page works best on a computer).