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The obligation to seek and serve Christ in all persons and to respect the dignity of every human being is binding for all the baptized. The authority with which leaders — ordained persons and adults who minister with minors (children and youth) and vulnerable adults, as well as youth in leadership roles — are entrusted, creates an inherent power imbalance in the pastoral relationship. This power imbalance derives from the leadership role and, in the case of clergy, the symbolic authority of an ordained person. Christian leadership is intended to provide occasions for guidance and grace, and its abuse is always and unequivocally wrong.

In response to the Safe Church Model Polices that were adopted by The Episcopal Church in 2017, the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas has adopted its own policy for the protection of children, youth, and vulnerable adults.


2024 EDOD Policy For the Protection of Children, Youth and Vulnerable Adults
Required Modules
Screening Expectations
Notice of Concern Form
Code of Conduct - Pastoral Relationships
Code of Conduct - Children and Youth

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