Bob Buchanan, Secretary of Convention, Saint Michael and All Angels
David Parsons, Chancellor, Incarnation, Dallas
Rebecca Wellborn, Treasurer
Standing Committee 
Term Ending in 2022
The Rev. Bob Corley St. Mark's, Irving
Tom Graves, Incarnation, Dallas
Term Ending in 2023
The Rev. Dr. Samira Izadi Page, Holy Nativity, Plano
Stevi McCoy, St. Philip's, Frisco
Term Ending in 2024
The Rev. Clayton Elder, St. Philip's, Frisco
Lee Spence, St. Dunstan's, Mineoloa
Executive Council
The Right Rev. George Sumner, Bishop
David Parsons, Chancellor, Incarnation, Dallas 
Rebecca Wellborn, Treasurer 
Term Ending in 2022
The Rev. Roy Thomas, St. Andrew's in McKinney
The Rev. Catherine Thomas, Annunciation in Lewisville
Cory Floyd, St. James in Texarkana
Sheryl Holton, St. Philip's in Frisco
JoLayne Lacour, St. David's in Denton
Lee Spence, St. Dunstan's in Mineola 
Term Ending in 2023
The Rev. Mark Anderson, St. Luke's, Dallas
The Rev. Paul Nesta, St. David of Wales, Denton
Hope Anderson, St. Augustine's, Dallas
Tim Boswell St. Dunstan's, Mineola
Martha Lange, Incarnation
Kelly Reddell, Saint Michael and All Angels
Term Ending in 2024
The Rev. David Miller, St. Anne in Desoto
The Rev. Keith Tuberville, Holy Trinity by the Lake in Heath
Fred Ellis, St. Thomas in Dallas
Rebekah Gardner, Good Shepherd in Dallas
Matthew Lewis, Incarnation
Margot Habiby, Transfiguration in Dallas
Convocation Chairpersons
Central Convocation
Fred Ellis, St. Thomas the Apostle, Dallas 
Eastern Convocation
Adele Ichilian, St. Matthew's Cathedral, Dallas
Northeastern Convocation
Susana Williams, St. Mark's, Mount Pleasant
Northern Convocation
Forrest Fairley, St. Andrew's, McKinney
Southern Convocation
The Rev. David Faulkner, Good Shepherd, Terrell
Western Convocation 
Dean Stewart, Good Shepherd, Cedar Hill
Corporation of EDOD
The Rt. Rev. George Sumner, Chairman, Bishop 
Timothy A. Mack, St. Matthew's Cathedral, Dallas
Robert Hulsey, St. Andrew's, McKinney
G. Thomas Graves, Incarnation, Dallas 
William Beecherl, Incarnation, Dallas
Cathleen Dolt, St. James, Dallas 
Tim Boswell, St. Dunstan's, Mineola
Pat Bostian, St. Paul's, Prosper
Seminary Trustees 

The Rev. Nicholas Funk, St. Paul's, Greenville

Jennifer Hargrave, Incarnation, Dallas 

Dallas Gingles, Transfiguration, Dallas 

Episcopal Convention 2021 Deputies: The Rev. Dr. Matthew Burdette, St. Christopher’s in Dallas; the Rev. Canon Victoria Heard, Redeemer in Irving; The Rev. Canon Dr. Jordan Hylden, St. Augustine’s in Dallas; the Rev. Leslie Stewart, Resurrection in Plano; Cathleen Dolt, St. James in Dallas; Jolayne Lacour, St. David’s in Denton; David Parsons, Incarnation; Lee Spence, St. Dunstan’s in Mineola.

Altnernates are: The Rev. Canon Jerry Morriss, St. Dunstan’s Mineola; the Rev. Dr. Matthew Olver, Nashotah House Seminary; the Rev. Craig Reed, Holy Cross in Paris; the Rev. Rebecca Tankersley, Transfiguration in Dallas; Pat Bostain, St. Paul’s in Prosper; Garry Brown, St. John’s in Dallas; Adele Ichilian, St. Matthew’s in Dallas; Bill Murchison, Incarnation.