The Diocese of Dallas is blessed with a talented pool of clergy and laity with strong theological backgrounds who write intellectually interesting blog entries that will make you think and deepen your faith. 

Bishop's Blog

The Rt. Rev. Dr. George Sumner writes a weekly blog post about current topics of the day that are based on our ancient faith. 

A Word From the Bishop

This is an occasional blog from Bishop Sumner that  focuses on letters to the entire diocese concerning administrative policies and/or activities. 

Guideposts in Christian Theology

It is often hard to make sense of things Christian. The bible, church history, denominations, the cross-currents of culture. This series is meant, in each episode, to give you a single, clear guidepost,  in order to ‘discern the signs of the times.’ 

Diary of a Theologian

This delightful blog is written by the Rev. Canon Victor Lee Austin whose thoughtful writings span a broad spectrum of light-hearted and serious matters.

Postils From A Potawatomi Preacher 

The Rt. Rev. Michael Smith is an Assistant Bishop for the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, an Assisting Bishop in Navajoland and a former bishop of North Dakota. He is in an enrolled member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.