Epilogue 2: Local Jesus

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Jesus was a specific individual at a specific place and time. The different writings of the New Testament present aspects of Him with the help of different kind of philosophical vocabulary, all to apprehend the same unique person.

Jesus the divine guru or prophetic campesino or the indigenous chief or the byzantine ruler: the list could be multiplied. The message of the incarnate and ascendant Jesus can be translated and understood in many tongues, since He is Lord of all the nations. But the One whom the nations know is the same, not diverse.

Epilogue 1: The Parables of Jesus

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The great New Testament scholar, Joachim Jeremias, said that the parables all pointed back to the speaker himself, Jesus. He is the treasure in a field, the priceless pearl. The unjust steward and the late laborers in the vineyard have said ‘Yes’ to Him. The tenants, the leaven, and the mustard seed are Jesus and His quiet radical effect around Him.

But they were interpreted by the early Church in the same direction. They saw correctly that the effect of Jesus and of the gospel in His post- resurrection Church were comparable. So the parable of the seed and sower has an interpretation which makes his connection clear.

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