1. Bishop Suffragan Paul Lambert

    Bishop Suffragan Paul Lambert

    An Easter Message

  2. Cultural Blessing

    Cultural Blessing

    Karen Refugees Enrich Church Life

  3. Quiet Reflection Disrupted

    Quiet Reflection Disrupted

    Sometimes God has a Sense of Humor

  4. Life Skills

    Life Skills

    Youth learn boxing, self-respect

  5. Clergy Retreat

    Clergy Retreat

    Diocesan Clergy Take Time for Collegiality

  6. Young Adult Formation

    Young Adult Formation

    Worshiping and Serving in the Fellows Program

  7. Wine Vines

    Wine Vines

    Parishioners Grow Grapes for Communion Wine

  8. St. Augustine's Oak Cliff

    St. Augustine's Oak Cliff

    A New Church with Deep Roots

  9. From the Dean's Desk

    From the Dean's Desk

    The Report on Re-imagining the Episcopal Church: An Analysis

  10. Mass of Collegiality

    Mass of Collegiality

    EDOD Clergy Renew Vows

3 Hours

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