The great endeavor to move the building that formerly housed Church of the Epiphany, Commerce to All Saints Camp & Conference Center in Pottsboro is well underway. We are chronicling every step of this unique and historic project, and have developed this web page to keep you completely informed. You may also follow the progress of the church move on the official "Move this Church" Facebook Page.



Drive Clean Across Texas  (8/10/11)

The first section of church building (with its roof following), hit the road today and made the loooong, sloooow 85 mile journey to Pottsboro, Texas. The Rev. Alley Perry is hosting this section for a few days until we are ready for it at the camp!:



Raise the Roof!  (8/8/11)

In order to clear all of the obstacles that are awaiting the church as it moves down the road, the roof must be removed. How do you remove a roof for transport you ask??? Here's how:



A Church Divided  (8/2/11)

After working all day in 107 degree heat, we finally got to see some action! The first 1/3 of the building was hauled around the corner and parked in preparation for the long haul to Texoma.



Bishop Authorized Church Split (of sorts) (8/2/11)

Today the building was cut and pulled apart like a piece of garlic bread at your favorite Italian restaurant. The building held up under the stress, the movers have done a wonderful job prepping the building for this part of the project.



Test Jack (7/26/11)

Today the hydraulic jacks were placed at strategic interval under the steel girders and the building was raised 1/2 inch off the foundation, and all connections to the foundation were cut. While half of the crew worked on the outside to place the jacks, the other half was inside essentially framing two stories of support walls in preparation for the cutting and separation of the building pieces. The building will be cut into three pieces in total--this is planned for Thursday of this week.



All Saints Location Preview (7/18/11)

Today I went up to All Saints Camp and Conference Center to get everyone a sneak peak at the exact location that Bishop Stanton has chosen for the chapel once it arrives. You can see the footing that forms the perimeter of the foundation. If you are wondering where the piers are..don't worry... they are there. They have been covered so the truck that carries the building to the site can drive over the site and line everything up perfectly before dropping it into place. The chapel will be a wonderful centerpiece to the camp, symbolic of the spiritual center from which the camp operates.



We Have Beams (7/17/11)

The work crew has been hard at work jacking holes in the concrete footing in order to slide the steel beams underneath the church. These beams will provide foundational support once the building is cut into pieces and lifted using hydraulic jacks. Everything around the perimiter of the building has been removed including the front porch and the porch awning.



Work is Underway (7/11/11)

The caution tape has been stretched from one end of the parking lot to the other. We watched as the trucks rolled up to the building for the first time. Like children at the circus for the first time, we all were amazed at the sheer scale of the operation that was in its infant stages. Loney Oney and his crew, which includes the local Baptist preacher in Marshall, Texas, are a first-class outfit. It is wonderful that this church is being handled by people who love the Lord.