2014 Diocesan Convention

The 119th Annual Convention will be held at The Episcopal School of Dallas, 4100 Merrell Road, Dallas, 75229, on Saturday, November 1, 2014.




Constitution & Canons

The Constitution requires that proposed new Canons or alterations or amendments to the Constitution and Canons be submitted in writing to the Secretary of Convention no later than sixty (60) days before the meeting of the Convention. No other amendments or alterations to the Canons may be considered at the Diocesan Convention except by unanimous consent of the Convention.

Submission of proposals for new Canons and for proposals to alter, amend, or repeal existing Canons of the Diocese of Dallas must be delivered either by email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), mail, or by hand no later than the below deadline.

Your proposals must be addressed and submitted to:


Diocese of Dallas

c/o Amy Wooten

1630 North Garrett Avenue

Dallas, TX 75206


Resolutions and Nominations are requested no later than the listed deadlines (below) so that they may be included in the pre-convention materials that are distributed to all parishes and missions in advance of the Convention. Resolutions and Nominations received after the deadline will be the responsibility of the presenter to provide copies for all delegates of the Convention.


Nominations 2014

You are invited to forward recommendations of members who might serve to the Nominating Committee. The 119th Annual Convention of the Diocese of Dallas, to be held in November, 2014, will elect the following positions:


Secretary of Convention, One person either Clergy or Layperson will be elected

Standing Committee Members: One Priest and One Layperson will be elected

Executive Council Members, Two Clergy and Four Laypersons will be elected

University of the South Trustee, One Layperson will be elected


Below is a brief summary of each position.


Standing Committee (Article 10 and Canon 6)

Term: three years

Meeting day & time: second Tuesdays of each month at noon

Meeting duration: 4 hours, typically

Location: Diocesan Offices, 1630 N. Garrett Ave., Dallas, TX 75206

Membership: The Standing Committee consists of three priests and three laypersons with one priest and one lay elected at each annual Diocesan Convention.

Purpose: This committee acts as an advisory committee to the bishop on matters such as Holy Orders, ordinations, elections of bishops, and as the ecclesiastical authority as outlined in the canons of the diocese.


The Executive Council (Canon 5)

Term: three years

Meeting day & time: second Tuesdays of each month at 10am

Meeting duration: 2 hrs typically

Location: Diocesan Offices, 1630 N. Garrett Ave., Dallas, TX 75206

Membership: The Executive Council consists of six clergy and twelve lay communicants with two clergy and four lay elected at each annual Diocesan Convention.

Purpose: This council acts as a council of administration on matters of missionary, educational, social service work, and finances and carries on the work of the Diocesan Convention between conventions.


The Trustee for the University of the South (Canon 23)

Term: three years

Meeting day & time: once per year in October with an optional meeting in May

Meeting duration: to be determined

Location: University of the South, Sewanee, TX

Membership: There are three trustees consisting of one clergy and two laypersons with one of these elected at each annual Diocesan Convention.  The pattern of election is one year Lay, next year Lay, and following year Clergy.   In 2014, the position to be filled is for a lay person.

Purpose: The Board of Trustees is responsible for establishing the policies of the university and for concurrence to the election of the Vice-Chancellor.

Travel Costs: Travel costs are the responsibility of the trustee.


Secretary of the Diocesan Convention (Canon 7)

Term: one year

Meeting day & time: once per year typically in November at 9:00 am

Meeting duration: 1 to 2 days

Location: TBD and within the Diocese

Membership: The Secretary of Convention may be one clergy or one lay person.

Purpose: The Secretary of Convention is responsible for the official record of the proceedings of the annual diocesan convention.

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Join us for our Diocesan Convention

Friday, November 1
Episcopal School of Dallas


Episcopal School of Dallas

4100 Merrell Road
Dallas, 75229


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