1. Bishop-elect George Sumner

    Bishop-elect George Sumner

    EDOD elects 7th bishop

  2. Episcopal Church General Convention in Utah

    Episcopal Church General Convention in Utah

    Presiding Bishop Election Tops List

  3. Top Ways to Grow a Church

    Top Ways to Grow a Church

    Best practices from The Rev. Victoria Heard

  4. Youth Summer Camp

    Youth Summer Camp

    Sign-up campers grades 3rd through 12th

  5. Why Camp is Important

    Why Camp is Important

    Mother Rebecca Tankersley reflects on the value of youth formation

  6. Millennial Christianity

    Millennial Christianity

    Helping Postmodern Skeptics Find God

  7. Turning Mirrors into Windows

    Turning Mirrors into Windows

    Students volunteer to help refugees

  8. Clergy Retreat

    Clergy Retreat

    Bishop Suffragan Lambert, priests and deacons gather for collegiality

  9. Slavery in Your Backyard

    Slavery in Your Backyard

    Symposium addresses human trafficking in Dallas

  10. Cultural Blessing

    Cultural Blessing

    Karen Refugees Enrich Church Life

  11. Life Skills

    Life Skills

    Youth learn boxing, self-respect