Carrie Boren, Missioner for Evangelism

Carrie BorenCarrie Boren has a passion to see people come to know the abounding unconditional love of God. She speaks throughout the US and around the globe, sharing the abundant life found in Jesus Christ with spiritual seekers and Christians alike. Carrie addresses topics that burn in the human heart and mind, such as: how do we know God exists, who was Jesus really, finding purpose and peace in life, where is God when life hurts, the reliability of the Bible, and finding joy in the every day. Carrie also teaches workshops on equipping Christians to share the amazing news of Jesus Christ in their every day lives. Carrie strongly believes that God has strategically placed every Christian in environments where they are meant to share the treasure of the Gospel.

Born in Shawnee, Oklahoma to a family dedicated to public service with generations serving in public office in the U.S. Congress, Carrie had instilled in her at an early age a desire to make a difference in the world. She moved to Longview, Texas at age 5 where she spent her childhood and found joy in home and church. In her 20s, Carrie was captivated by Jesus and her life was transformed. Her story is a journey from having it all and yet empty and depressed to hope, purpose and joy in Christ. She can think of no greater call than to share the unconditional love of Jesus Christ with others and the truth found in Him.

Carrie is a graduate of Oxford University with two degrees in Theology, Evangelism and Apologetics. While at Oxford, she studied one-on-one with the world-renown Anglican author and speaker, Michael Green and explored in depth key questions of evidence for the resurrection of Jesus and the reliability of the Bible among others. The more she explored the historical evidence, the more she was convinced of the truth found in the Gospel of Jesus.

Prior to Oxford, Carrie received a BA from Yale University (major in History and minor in Theatre Studies) and an MA from Harvard University in Education with a focus in Urban Poverty Policy. Carrie has appeared in numerous television, film, and theatre projects, including an ABC sit-com, Fox and CBS Movies of the week, and various films. In addition, from the Hollywood Urban Project in Los Angeles to the United Kingdom, Cuba, and Africa, Carrie has taken an active part in missions. She has been a speaker in numerous churches and other settings, such as Oxford University, Southern Methodist University, Harvard University, Lambeth Palace, coffee shops, pubs and other public arenas. In 2007-8 Carrie joined the Good News Initiative team with Canon Michael Green, which held evangelism conferences and outreach throughout the U.S. Philo Trust — an organization formed by the well-known British evangelist, J. John — selected her as an associate evangelist. In 2010, Carrie was a delegate at the Third Annual Lausanne Congress in Cape Town, South Africa and was the lead evangelist in a Lausanne mission in Zimbabwe where 1,000 people made first time commitments to follow Jesus. Carrie works with all Christian denominations and serves as Missioner for Evangelism in the Episcopal Diocese of Diocese of Dallas engaging in evangelistic speaking and equipping congregations to be the hands, feet, and mouthpieces for God in their every day lives. She offers a number of workshops aimed to help individuals and churches grasp God’s specific vision for them to reach out in their local communities and beyond.




Evangelism Initiatives

The churches of the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas are engaged in bringing Christ to their surrounding communities, the nation, and other parts of the world! The Diocesan Evangelism Initiative aims to equip further the churches in this diocese to continue in their work of personal and parish evangelism.

The Evangelism Initiative expects to achieve its mission through the following courses, consultations, conferences, and events:

1. Evangelism 101: 77 percent of those individuals who come to church and make a commitment to Jesus Christ do so because of personal contact with a friend or family member.

We may have the most incredible congregations. Too often, however, they remain a secret. Many Episcopalians want to share their faith but do not know where to begin.

Evangelism 101 is a one-day workshop that provides individuals and congregations with tools for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with those in our communities. The three-fold aim of the course is to enable participants: a) to recognize their own talents and to know how to use these gifts to articulate their story and the Gospel to others; b) to develop innovative evangelistic programs within their parish that will reach non-Christians and/or those who do not have a church home; c) to integrate a mission focus with their lives and parish.

Evangelism 101 explores:

What is the Good news?
What is evangelism? Why do we do it?
How do we share our faith without being afraid?
How do we tell the Gospel story?
How do we tell our own story?
How do we engage in evangelism within our Episcopal context?
How do we practice evangelism as a congregation?
What ideas can the congregation make use of to promote evangelism?

Sign up your parish today!

2. Evangelism Leadership Network: A diocese wide lay network of those interested in evangelism currently numbers
80 individuals.

Those selected participate in special training and conferences that will teach them skills in evangelism and infuse them with enthusiasm both of which they will take back to their respective congregations. The Missioner for Evangelism, Carrie Boren, will equip these participants to become experts in sharing innovative ideas for communicating the good news of Jesus Christ with their communities and for bringing new people into their churches.

This Network will also meet periodically to exchange ideas and share up-to-date resources in evangelism.

It is important to note that the people selected for the network do not have to be experts in evangelism. All they need is an interest in evangelism and a desire to move their congregation to engage in evangelism/mission.

3. Apologetics Training: 1 Peter 3:15,16: "But in your hearts, set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give a reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness
and respect …"

Apologetics training equips members of our congregations to answer questions about the Christian faith — e.g., "How do we know God exists?" "If God is good, why is there so much suffering in the world?" "Who is Jesus? What is the evidence for His Resurrection?" "Do all paths lead to God?" "Is there such a thing as truth?" "Can we trust the Bible?" "Why is the Christian message good news?" The workshops build faith and prepare participants for evangelism/apologetics.

At present, the Missioner for Evangelism is available to speak on a variety of apologetic topics that will equip congregations to answer key questions of the Christian faith.

4. Conferences: The diocese will organize conferences for the entire diocese that will feature experts in evangelism, apologetics and church growth. The conferences will equip and motivate both lay and clergy for evangelism and outreach. The diocesan website and Esprit, the diocesan newspaper, will post the dates of upcoming conferences.

5. Evangelistic Speaking: The Missioner for Evangelism is available to speak at church services and/or evangelistic events. Ms. Boren is also a valuable resource for motivating churches to get involved in evangelism.

6. Evangelism Consultations: The Missioner for Evangelism serves as a resource for providing congregations with strategies for evangelism/mission. At the request of a congregation, Ms. Boren will help them draw up an evangelism plan that will best suit their needs.

7. Outreach events and Mission: The primary goal of the Evangelism Initiative is to persuade congregations to engage in evangelism. Therefore, it will provide presentations to parishes, evangelistic home meetings, special-interest evangelistic programs, and local missions.

Parishes throughout the diocese are sharing the Gospel in innovative and exciting ways within their communities. If your congregation is interested in any of these diocesan resources, please contact Carrie Boren, Missioner for Evangelism, at 214-826-8310 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



2013 Evangelism Calendar


January 10-11
The Cranmer Institute Rising Leaders Forum

January 20
St. Philip’s, Frisco, Texas

January 25-27
Nocona, Texas Mission with St. Philip’s

February 1-3
Happening, St. Vincent’s Bedford

February 6
SMU Canterbury, “How do we know God Exists?”

February 7
“World Religions: Jesus Among Other Gods” St. Nicolas, Flower Mound, Texas

February 9
Renewal Center Team Meeting Day

February 14 -17
Cursillo, Camp Crucis

February 16
Community of Servants, Renewal Center

February 20
SMU Canterbury, “How do we know Jesus was God?”

February 23
Rural Church Gathering, “Leadership of Jesus: Lessons for Today” “”Lessons Learned from the Early Church for Mission.”

February 27
SMU Canterbury, “If God is good why do we suffer so much?”

February 28
9 a.m. Proven Strategies for Growth with Eric Erickson of 10:2 Strategies- Episcopal Diocese of Dallas offices

11:30- Epiphany, Dallas – “The gift of Jesus.”

March 2
Sharing Your Faith Workshop, For Dallas Ft. Worth region, Episcopal Center for Renewal

March 4
Dr. Richard Mouw, The Cranmer Institute 9:00 a.m.

March 14-17
Spanish Cursillo, Camp All Saints

March 15-16
Diocese of Arkansas Daughter of the King, keynote

March 29
Passion of Christ film with International Students

April 3
Epiphany, Richardson, “Engaging the Questions” series

April 5-7
New Beginnings, Camp Crucis

April 6
Renewal Center Board Retreat

April 10
Epiphany, Richardson, “Engaging the Questions” series

April 12-13
Trinity, Dallas

April 17
Epiphany, Richardson, “Engaging the Questions” series

April 18-21
Cursillo, Star Brand Ranch

April 25
Daystar Television, Marcus and Joni

May 1
Epiphany, Richardson, “Engaging the Questions” series

May 5
Preaching, St. Matthias, Athens

May 25-June 3


June 28-30
Happening, Terrell, Texas

July 15-19
Dallas Champions Camp, St. Philip’s School and Community Center

July 18-21
Cursillo, Camp All Saints

August 2-4
Happening, Ascension, Dallas

September 12-15
Cursillo, Camp All Saints

October 4-6
New Beginnings, Camp Crucis

October 10 -13
Spanish Cursillo, Camp Crucis

October 24 – 27
National Cursillo Conference

November 7-10
Cursillo, Camp Crucis

November 9
Dallas Diocesan Convention

December 1
Diocese of Dallas Women’s Advent Retreat, Camp All Saints