The Other Soft Voice

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A great deal of the discourse these days is anger, dissembling, harshness. It is a shame, but I suppose it has one advantage. No one would seriously claim it is up-building. You know whence it comes. 

Perhaps more dangerous are voices that seem unctious, quiet, sophisticated in a world-weary way. “No he didn't mean that - don't take him so seriously - you won't die - you will be enlightened... .” His menace is more hidden.

I recently read an advert of the Hemlock Society, presenters at a diocesan convention, believe it or not. “We've moved far past these primitive notions of a God ruling life - perhaps now we can see how in such cases taking life enhances quality life - and our powers to affect this may be God's will in our time - who is he anyway to command life and death - our methods are so pastoral now... .” The soft offer of half-truths to an opposite end - to learn whose soft voice that really is where spiritual safety lies.  To hear God's voice plainly as His, even in the modern hall of mirrors - what if that is the higher wisdom? To reject the soft, spiritual, skeptical voice, Girma Wormtongue's, may be the key to Christian ethics.