Youth Ministry

“The Diocese of Dallas Youth Commission exists to passionately encourage young people to form relationships with Jesus Christ and His Church by offering opportunities for worship, fellowship, leadership and service," -- Mission Statement of the DDYC. The Youth Commission serves all Junior and Senior High School students of our diocese and the adults who minister to them.  Our ministry grows in size each year as attendance at our diocesan events, such as Retreats, Happening, New Beginnings and the Bishop’s Ball, increases and grows deeper in the new ways we find to present faith issues to students.

Diocesan Youth Ministry here is cross-shaped as we endeavor to develop our relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ and to carry His love into the world. Relational ministry such as this relies heavily on “the teachable moment” and is known for its creativity and spur-of-the-moment recognition of God moments. Besides more students from more churches attending our events, each year also brings an increase in the number of Youth Ministers on staff at churches, as well as an increase in the youth ministry volunteer corps, as churches take this ministry more and more seriously. Also with this growth comes not only the need for more training - but quality training.  Thus, we offer professional-level Youth Ministry training here at our own at the Stanton Center for Ministry Formation in order to better support and equip the men and women who are called to this special field of ministry. In addition, members of the Youth Ministry and Christian Formation Community gathers regularly for fellowship, networking and learning in more informal settings.